CXD-210 XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Administration training

Learn XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Administration (CXD-210) from SSDN Technologies (Citrix Authorized Learning Centre). This training will be delivered by Citrix Certified Instructors (CCI) with having high experience in IT Industry.

During this training you will learn how to successfully manage, monitor, support and troubleshoot XenApp & XenDesktop 7.1x solution in your infrastructure, like creating catalogs, Delivery Groups and new policies) and troubleshooting. You will also learn provisioning service to deploy multiple OS through network streaming..

  • Citrix Certified Associate-Virtualization (1Y0-203 Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Administration)

Learn to:

After completing, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the XenDesktop 7.1x architecture, components, and communication
  • Delegate administration and manage licenses
  • Manage the XenDesktop infrastructure.
  • Create and manage machine catalogs and Delivery Groups
  • Manage StoreFront
  • Create and manage policies and end-user profiles
  • Manage sessions, sites, and end users with Director
  • Manage printing
  • Manage Provisioning Services

Next Course:

  • Citrix Certified Professional - Virtualization (CXD-310: Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Advanced Administration)

Duration: 40 Hours

  • Module 1:Understanding the Architecture of a XenDesktop Solution

    • XenApp or XenDesktop
    • XenApp and XenDesktop Architecture Overview
    • User Layer
    • Access Layer
    • Control Layer
    • Resource Layer
    • Management Layer
    • XenApp and XenDesktop Sites
    • New Features
    • Discussion Question
    • Deprecated Features
    • Ports
    • Reinforcement Exercise: XenDesktop 7 Components
  • Module 2: Managing Licenses and Delegating Administration

    • Managing Licenses in Studio
    • Managing Delegated Administration
    • Monitoring Configuration Logs
    • Troubleshooting: Managing Licenses and Delegating Administration
    • Reinforcement Exercise: Configuring Roles and Scopes
  • Module 3 - Managing and Monitoring the Hypervisor

    • Architecture Overview
    • Creating a Virtual Machine from an ISO
    • Managing Virtual Machines within a Hypervisor
    • Adjusting Virtual Machine or Template Resources
    • Configuring and Customizing Alerts
    • Troubleshooting: Managing and Monitoring Hypervisors
    • Reinforcement Exercise 1: Creating a Virtual Machine Template
    • Reinforcement Exercise 2: Completing the Setup Process After Sysprep
  • Module 4: Managing Desktops and Applications

    • Architecture Overview
    • Connecting to Resources
    • Managing Machine Catalogs
    • To Create New Resource Settings
    • Using Machine Creation Services
    • Discussion Question
    • Creating a Machine Catalog for Server Desktops and Hosted Applications
    • Managing Delivery Groups
    • Managing Resources
    • Troubleshooting: Managing Desktops and Applications
    • Reinforcement Exercise: Delivering Server Desktops
  • Module 5: Managing StoreFront

    • StoreFront Architectural Overview
    • StoreFront Management Console
    • Creating a New Store
    • Hiding a Store
    • Discussion Question
    • Managing Authentication
    • Creating Anonymous User Stores
    • Discussion Question
    • Enabling End Users to Change their Passwords
    • Managing Delivery Controllers
    • Removing a Store
    • Troubleshooting: Managing StoreFront
    • Reinforcement Exercise: Creating and Configuring a New Store
  • Module 6: Managing Policies and Profiles

    • Policy Precedence (Studio vs. Group Policy Objects)
    • Troubleshooting: Managing Policies
    • Managing End-User Profiles
    • Troubleshooting: Profile Management
    • Reinforcement Exercise 1: Working with Policies
    • Reinforcement Exercise 1: Working with Policies
    • Reinforcement Exercise 1: Working with Policies
    • Reinforcement Exercise 2: Working with Profiles
  • Module 7: Managing Sessions, Sites, and Users with Director

    • Director Overview
    • Monitoring and Managing End-User Sessions
    • Troubleshooting: Managing Sites, Sessions, and Users
    • Reinforcement Exercise: Using Director
  • Module 8: Managing Printing

    • Print Management Processn
    • Default Printing Behavior
    • Configuring Client Printing
    • Managing Printer Drivers
    • Optimizing Printing Performance
    • Discussion Question
    • Setting Up and Managing the Universal Print Server
    • Troubleshooting: Managing Printing
    • Reinforcement Exercise: Managing Printing
  • Module 9: Managing Provisioning Services and Personal vDisks

    • Citrix Provisioning Services
    • Machine Creation Services or Provisioning Services
    • Provisioning Services Overview and Architecture
    • Discussion Question
    • Navigating the Provisioning Services Console
    • Navigating the Provisioning Services Console
    • Navigating the Provisioning Services Console
    • To Create a Provisioning Services Master Virtual Machine
    • To Install the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)
    • Creating the vDisk
    • To Convert the Hard Drive of the Master Target Device to a vDisk
    • Setting the vDisk Mode
    • Creating the Machine Catalog
    • Discussion Question
    • To Assign a Machine Catalog to a Delivery Group
    • Discussion Question
    • Updating a vDisk
    • Promoting Updating Versions
    • Discussion Question
    • VHD Chain of Differencing Disks
    • Merging VHD Differencing Disks
    • Troubleshooting: Personal vDisks and Provisioning Services
    • Reinforcement Exercise: Provisioning Services


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