What are We ?

An organization dedicating all our business activities to contribute towards making India a developed nation. Create highly skilled work force- the best as per global standards.

Character and ethical values make the edifice on which we develop skills and knowledge. For us character and ethics come first always and every time. All other competencies follow.

We firmly believe that:

  • All learners have their intrinsic strengths. Hence every one can be trained to be the best as per their intrinsic strength.
  • To know one self (self-awareness) is most important for all learners before they start acquiring skills
  • Competence follows character and is measured in terms of contribution.
  • Compensations and profits follow.


Our Core Ideology

Character, ethics and truthfulness to remain the edifice on which skills and knowledge are developed.

Envisioned Future by 2022

We see ourselves as major contributors in making India a developed nation by leveraging her demographic dividend by creating a vast pool of highly skilled work force known to be the best as per global standards.



We at the SSDN Technologies are known for

✔    To be major contributors in skilling the workforce in unorganized sector and training the trainers.
✔    Scaling up individual growth in terms of employability and higher earning through skills and competencies.
✔    Optimizing the employability, skills development and Training.
✔    We enhance individual/organizational productivity through training and development.
✔    Our mission is to accelerate growth in harmony with the environment.
✔    SSDN Technologies act as catalyst for Implementation of Government Initiatives in Skills Development  especially in the field of e-governance, e-commerce, ‘make in India’.

Our Processes and Operations

We have well -established processes at three levels.

  • Academic-Most engineering, management and undergraduate students need appropriate skills besides what they have learnt in their respective colleges. These skills maximize their employability. We have strong processes to identify the needs, prepare the students to receive skills based training, and provide opportunities for placements. Please see feedback from the students trained at SSDN Technologies.

  • Training in Government and Public Sector-We have the honour and proud privilege of training elite troops of the Indian Army in cutting edge technologies. Details cannot be provided here for obvious reasons. In other government department we train in all the domains of e-Governance ranging for web based services to virtual machines and workspace.

  • Corporate Training. -Our Corporate training team is involved in corporate training. The process involves identifying the desired growth trajectory of the organizations, formulating skill sets required to achieve those growth trajectories and skilling the employees in company premises for the mutually agreed skills. This is followed by a process of evaluation and feed back to ascertain the efficacy of training. Some of the areas where we focus our attention are:

                     Managerial Skills

                        ✔    “Yoga as part of stress management and self awareness”.

                        ✔    “Building Character and ethical values”.

                        ✔    Public speaking and business communications.

                        ✔    Group Discussion, brain storming Techniques.

                        ✔    Techniques of conducting conferences and recording, dissemination of minutes.

                        ✔    Inculcating Positive Attitude and life style changes.

                        ✔    Six Sigma.

                        ✔    ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

                        ✔    Project Management

                        ✔    Leadership style identification and improvement through psychometric techniques.

                        ✔    Improved Decision Science tools.

                     Technical Skills

                        ✔    Virtualization through CITRIX.

                        ✔    Implement Cloud computing using Microsoft technology.

                        ✔    Full exploitation of MS Office tools at all levels (Word, Excel. Access, Outlook, Power Point etc).

                        ✔    Cyber Security.

                        ✔    Business Analytics and Big Data.

                        ✔    Network Management.

                        ✔    Exploitation of Social media for business and pit falls in careless use of social media.

                        ✔    Intra and Inter business e commerce.


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