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SSDN Technologies has created a mark for self, as a premier training institute in India. It is well recognised for learning the basics and widespread relevance of programming techniques in Android application development. Our training is unique and unparalleled in the industry thanks to our innovative teaching methods. Since this technology was introduced recently, there is a significant shortage of engineers with quality skills in the market.

Android Operating System is widely held for smart phones. Now a days every business want to have their own App so that every can use the business related thing by smart Mobile phones. Android Application Development training by our trained and certified instructors provides you with knowledge and essential skills to help you design and create your own Android application.


  • Students wanting to become application developers within the Android genre.
  • IT developers wanting to establish a career in the ‘mobile application’ developmental domain are best suited for this course.

Course Objectives
  • Designing and building an Android application.
  • Using different plug-ins to debug, secure and maintain Android applications you make.
  • Key concepts of an Android application developmental life-cycle.
  • Applying Android-persistent storage tools to manage databases, preferences, files and content providers.
  • Using Android background processing techniques.

Learn to:

Upon completion of this certification program, you will be able to:

  • Create an android project.
  • Android architecture and working flow of application.
  • Configure, manage and run your application within the emulator.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of an Android application programming life cycle
  • Add Views and Listview to your applications
  • Learn different type of Layouts and Management of layouts.
  • Knowledge of the Android Manifest, Runtime and other Android SDK tools
  • Build Menus from Java Source code or a resource file
  • Configure storage options and manage SQLite Databases and File I/O
  • Manage shared preferences
  • Manage Activity State
  • Create Notifications
  • Use the SQLite library and SQLiteOpen Helper


Before attending this training, SSDN Technologies recommends that candidates should have:

  • A good knowledge of Core Java

Duration: 2 Months

  • Introduction to Android

    • What is Android?
    • Setting up development environment
    • Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension
    • Fundamentals:
    • Components for communication -Intents & Intent Filter
    • Android API levels (versions & version names)
  • Application Structure

    • AndroidManifest.xml
    • Resources &
    • Assets
    • Values – strings.xml
    • Layouts & Drawable Resources
    • Activities and Activity lifecycle
    • [dip,dp,sip,sp] versus px
    • Debugging
  • Form widgets Text Fields Layouts

    • RelativeLayout ,TableLayout, FrameLayout, LinearLayout
    • Nested layouts
    • Create Option menu
    • Create AlertDialogs & Toast
  • Preferences

    • Shared Preferences
    • Preferences from xml
  • Intents

    • Explicit Intents
    • Implicit intents
  • Adapters

    • ArrayAdapters
    • BaseAdapters
    • Example - Efficient Adapter
    • ListView and ListActivity
    • Custom listview
    • GridView using adapters
    • Gallery using adapters
  • Networking in Android:

    • Threads in Android
    • runOnUiThread
    • Handlers & Runnable
    • AsyncTask in Android
    • JSON and XML fundamentals
    • XML Parsing
    • JSON Parsing
  • Broadcast Receivers Services and notifications

    • SQLite Programming
    • SQLiteOpenHelper
    • SQLiteDatabse
  • Webview Services

  • Alarm Manager Fragments

    • Understanding the concept of Fragments and how to work with lower API level using support library.
    • Create Action Bar
    • Understanding of mechanism and life cycle difference between “Fragments Activity” and Activity
    • Understanding of mechanism difference between “MapFragments” and MapView
    • Understanding of mechanism and life cycle difference between “Fragments Activity” and Activity
  • Navigation Drawer

  • View Pager

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