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CEH 312-50 V11 Practice Exam

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ceh v11 exam dumps
CEH 312-50 v11 Practice Exam
  • Exam Code: 312-50
  • Duration: 240 Minutes
  • Number of Questions: 125
  • Passing Score: 70%
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SSDN Technologies offers latest and updated ceh exam questions verified by team of IT Security expert. If you are planning to appear for ceh certification exam then check your preparation level and make yourself fully prepared for exam with ceh 312-50 practice exam . These ceh practice exam will help you score maximum marks.

Check how much ready are you to take CEH v11 exam by preparing yourself with our 312-50 exam prep kit. This CEH v11 exam practice test consists all the latest questions updated by IT security expert. CEH v11 exam questions enables you to check your preparation level and make you prepare to clear the CEH Exam in your first attempt. Go ahead and Purchase  312-50 exam prep kit  now to monitor your progress.

Who Is It For?

CEH v11 Exam Preparation Kit is especially designed for:
• Security professionals
• Site administrators
• Security officers
• Auditors
• Those who are concerned for integrity of the network infrastructure.

Passing Score

CEH certification exam consists of 125 questions. The passing score of CEH exam can vary from 60% to 70%. Duration of ceh exam is 240 Minutes. 

Key Features of our CEH Practice Exam: 

  •  100% Mobile accessible. 
  •  Designed by Industry experts. 
  •  Latest updated questions. 
  •  Gives you a similar experience for giving ceh exam. 
  •  Make you 100% prepare for actual certification exam.  
  •  Let you Know your weakness and strength before taking certification exam.  


How many questions are on the CEH v11 exam?

The CEH v11 exam will have 125 questions of the multiple-choice type. The candidates taking the exam will be allotted a time limit of 4 hours to complete the exam.

Is the CEH exam hard or easy?

The CEH exam is not that difficult. If you have some basic knowledge of programming languages, networking, or servers, it will be easy for you. Instead, passing the CEH exam is easy if you do practice with our CEH exam questions.

Is CEH certification worth it?

If you are focused on making a career as an ethical hacker or penetration tester, then the CEH certification is completely worth it. It will provide support for your interest in cyber security and let you understand the core concepts of security.

What happens if you fail the CEH exam?

If you fail the CEH exam, you can get a chance to try the exam on your second and third attempt. You can purchase an ECC exam centre voucher and retake the exam at a discounted price with SSDN Technologies.

Can I take the CEH exam from home?

You can take the CEH exam remotely. With this change, EC-council is allowing students to give the exam remotely with the help of a stable internet connection and schedule their exam via proctor through the ECC exam center.

Where can I take the CEH v11 Practice Exam?

You can take the CEH v11 practice exam online. You can visit various websites that offer CEH practice exams, which will let you prepare for the final attempt.

Are these CEH v11 Exam Questions Up to Date?

Yes, these questions are the latest updated questions. They are designed by IT security experts and are fully compatible with the current syllabus of the CEH exam.

Total Questions: 125Level: Expert
Total Marks: 1000Re-attempt: Yes
Duration: 240 MinutesCertificate: EC-Council - CEH V11
Passing Score: 700Result Declaration: At the time
Total Questions: 125
Level: Expert
Total Marks: 1000
Re-attempt: Yes
Duration: 240 Minutes
Certificate: Yes
Passing Score: 700
Result Declaration: At the time


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