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    Azure AZ-103 Certification Exam Preparation Kit

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    Azure AZ-103 Certification Exam Preparation Kit
    • Exam Code: AZ-103
    • Duration: 120 Minutes
    • Number of Questions: 62
    • Passing Score: 700
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    Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-103 certification exam validates and establishes the expertise of those who are execution the role of Azure Administrator. This exam mainly tests the knowledge of the candidates to manage cloud services that span compute, storage, networking, security, and other cloud abilities within Microsoft Azure. 

     Note : A new version of  AZ-104 will be available in the last two weeks of March or the early April. Candidates will still be able to take this exam for 90 days just after the release of AZ-104. However, the particular dates related to the  AZ-104 availability and  AZ-103 retirement will be updated on the website soon. 

    Total Questions: 69Level: Beginner
    Total Marks: 1000Re-attempt: Yes
    Duration: 120 MinutesCertificate: Microsoft Azure
    Passing Score: 700Result Declaration: At the time
    Total Questions: 69
    Level: Beginner
    Total Marks: 1000
    Re-attempt: Yes
    Duration: 120 Minutes
    Certificate: Yes
    Passing Score: 700
    Result Declaration: At the time


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