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    Azure AI-100 Certification Exam Preparation Kit

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    Azure AI-100 Certification Exam Preparation Kit
    • Exam Code : AI-100
    • Duration: 120 Minutes
    • Number of Questions: 60
    • Passing Score: 80%
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    I-100 exam measures your ability to achieve the following technical tasks: analyze solution requirements, design solutions, deploy integrated AI models into solutions and manage solutions. AI-100 exam Price based on the country in which the exam is proctored.

    Total Questions: 60Level: Associate
    Total Marks: 1000Re-attempt: Yes
    Duration: 120 MinutesCertificate: Microsoft Azure AI Solution
    Passing Score: 800Result Declaration: At the time
    Total Questions: 60
    Level: Associate
    Total Marks: 1000
    Re-attempt: Yes
    Duration: 120 Minutes
    Certificate: Yes
    Passing Score: 800
    Result Declaration: At the time


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