4 Ways Red Hat Certification Makes You an Asset For The I.T. World!
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Several organizations and educational institutions worldwide are making use of Red Hat products for their cloud, virtualization, storage, and operating system requirements. Of course, this has also propelled a huge demand for trained professionals who are fully adept at working with the sophisticated technology.


The Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA) is a basic certification program which equips the individual to implement and configure the technology. Here’s an insight on how this certification can make a professional an indispensable asset for an I.T. firm:

 1. Most Fortune 500 Companies Are On The Lookout Of Red Hat Certified Professionals

Statistics reveal that almost 90% of the Fortune 500 companies are using Red Hat products in their daily operations. From airlines, telcos, healthcare organizations, to commercial banks, all these industries are heavily reliant on this robust technology, and thus have a high demand of professionals who have successfully undergone RHCSA training. This has opened up great opportunities for individuals who have acquired the said certification.

2. Hands-on Experience

During the RHCSA training, candidates are required to pass a practical examination, wherein they are evaluated on their performance in a real-world environment. Employers are aware that Red Hat certified professionals have already gained hands-on experience of implementing and configuring the technology. Further, these candidates are also better prepped up to troubleshoot the problems that may arise during system administration. All these factors make the certified individual more employable in the I.T. domain.

3. Enhanced Skill & Knowledge

The course helps the candidates to hone their skills of virtualization as well as operating in a real-world Linux environ. Of course, they also benefit from an increased knowledge of system administration, configuration of local storage, management of file systems & user base, and working with system security controls such as SELinux, Firewalls, & Access controls.

4. Helps The Organization To Win New Business

Companies having a large number of Red Hat certified professionals are in a better position to win new business. This is primarily because it reflects on the company’s ability of perfectly handling the environs of its clients. A professional with a Red Hat certification is definitely a boon to an organization, as he/she can directly bring in new customers, and help the enterprise to reach the pinnacle of success.

What’s more, studies indicate that Red Hat certified professionals earn 10% higher salaries as compared to other Linux system administrators. For those who are just about to step in the I.T. world, the RHCSA training program will surely boost their career, and help them in making a mark in their field.

Thus, candidates equipped with Red Hat Certification prove to be the assets to the I.T. world.

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