A Single Character Bug Crashed The Secure Walls of iPhone, iPads And Even Watches OS Devices

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Iphone Crashed

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you must beware of the recent ‘text bomb’ bug that had created terror in the market.

Recently discovered, this bug is so severe that it can damage or disable the third party apps such as Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, Slack along with Safari of mac OS versions. This single character bug is so powerful that it can initiate crashes on iPhones, iPads, and even watches working on iOS platforms.

Though, companies facing this ‘text bomb’ threat are continually working on to remove it from their operating software, but such instances raise the common issue of security breaches which are rising with a high speed these days.

Such service attacks call for immediate actions which are must take against those bad guys who own a destructive nature and wants to hamper the smooth functioning of a company’s processes.

There are professionals who are responsible to take those remedial actions against such vulnerabilities. These are ethical hackers whose role is defined by the smartest picks which they take to protect company’s important information and data from the online vulnerabilities and breaches.

What ethical hackers actually do?

Ethical hackers perform the hacking function in a lawful manner for the companies in which they are appointed. Their role lies within preventing the security breaches which are created by those bad guys. They find the vulnerabilities in the company’s system and fix them with the proper techniques.

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How one can be an ethical hacker?

To be a certified ethical hacker, one need to undergo certified ethical hacking training course which lets the individual pursue a career in penetration testing. The IT professionals, whose role lies with keeping and maintaining the company’s security system, find the course beneficial for them.

CEH (Certified ethical hacking) course gives the IT professionals, tag of ‘White Hat’ hackers who is allowed to peep into the company’s security system on a legal note. Though, the IT professionals are provided with the duties to look after the security system. With the help of ethical hacking course training, they are allotted with the supervision to take proactive measures to prevent those security breaches.

Throughout the course, the professionals are guided with the tools and policies through which they become aware of the tricks through which attackers make access to the company’s network system.

A career in ethical hacking is worthy

A career in ethical hacking not only pay you lavishly but also gives you a profile full of pride having a ‘white hat’ tag associated with it. A certification in ethical hacking will provide you a licensed gun and makes you feel like a cop whose eyes are always on web criminals.

Taking the certification from ethical hacking institute Delhi will let you gain a skill set which is asked by the companies, looking to prevent the so-called cyber attacks or security risks.

With the ethical hacking course training, you will be able to find out the risks associated with the leakages in the software or company’s network systems.

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