About Python Programming Language
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About Python Programming Language

Technology is a product which is as delicate and sensitive as the human skin. If anything whether good or bad happens to technology, the whole system gets affected due to it. And, in this evolving and changing world we need to be more cautious about using the technology. One such developing and the most popular part of technology that we are going to discuss about is a programming language that is capable of changing how web and mobile applications are developed. This programming language is known as Python, which is as large and powerful as the snake Python.

Here, in this blog article we will be discussing about the advantages of Python over other programming languages that are used in developing applications and websites, how and where to use this language which has so much to offer. But, before paving our way to the crux of the article, let’s get a quick understanding of what Python language is and what it is capable of doing?

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What is Python Programming Language?

Python is an open source, general purpose programming language that is easy to read and powerful. It is an interpreted language, which do not need to be compiled to run. Python is a high level language that will make a programmer focus on what to do instead of how to do. Python has been designed to emphasize on code readability with its significant use of whitespace. Writing programs in Python is less time consuming compared to any other languages. Python is best for beginners.

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Advantages of Python over any other Programming Language:

Following are the benefits of Python that make this programming language have an edge over other languages and which has led to an increase in its popularity and use at its inception stage itself.

  • Simplicity: Python is said to be a minimalistic language because it is very easy to write and read. In case, a programmer faces any problem in using it, then he can focus only on the issue and not on the language and its syntax.
  • Free: Python is an open source and free of cost language for which a developer does not have to pay anything for buying it. Python can be easily shared, copied and changed too. Because of this feature, Python has been able to create a very strong community around itself that only makes it stronger and helps it develop even faster. This community a medium through which experienced Python professionals share their knowledge and experience with beginners.
  • Compatibility: A developer can relax and use Python language without bothering about any compatibility issues because Python is compatible with numerous platforms, which often is not the case with other languages.
  • Object-Oriented: Both procedure oriented and object oriented programming is supported by Python. In a procedure oriented programming, reusable pieces of code are applied by the developer. Whereas, in object oriented programming, the objects that are based on data and functionality are used by the developer. Though it is a fact that OOP languages tend to be complex, Python has managed to stay simple and neat.
  • Robust Standard Libraries: The Python community has formed a huge pile of various libraries for Python with the help of which, a developer can manage documentation, perform unit testing, databases, web browsers, email, cryptography, graphical user interface and many more things. All the stuffs are included in the standard library, but apart from this there are a lot of other libraries available too.
  • Adopt Test Driven Development: A developer can use Python to rapidly create a prototype of the software application. And, from this prototype directly he can develop the software by simply refactoring the Python code.

Where to use Python Language?

For many years Python has been and for many years to come Python language will be on top rankings for programming languages, defeating all its competing languages. Python can be used for almost any anything. The objective of Python is to increase the productivity of programmers rather than focusing on the code they write. Currently, the uses of Python are for websites and web development, desktop GUI applications development, automation scripts, complex calculation systems, life support management systems, Games, Robotics, Scientific Computing, Natural Learning Language and many more. It is designed with features to facilitate data analysis and visualization.

The simplicity of Python language is that the code is Laconic and understandable even to those who have never written it. Due to this simplicity, further maintaining the programs that are written in Python becomes easier and more enjoyable as compared to other languages. From a business perspective, this feature of Python assists an organization in curtailing its cost and simultaneously increasing the productivity of the programmer.

Who uses Python Language?

With constant growth both in the community of Python and the quality of libraries for the language, Python is turning out to be one of the most versatile programming languages in the world that can easily finds its place in any project. But, Python is very popular and is mostly used in scientific field, specifically in Data Mining and Machine Learning programs. It is and can be used in any kind of industry such as social media, IT, education, Finance & Accounts, etc. The top 8 companies that encourage and widely use Python are Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Quora, Netflix, Dropbox and Reddit.

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In the years to come, Python is sure to offer a lot more than what is anticipated from it and if Python v/s Other Programming Languages kind of situation arises, then Python is sure to emerge as a winner. After reading this blog article, if you are keen to learn Python or want to know about Python course, then contact SSDN Technologies as they are the best training institute to provide training on any technical subject.

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