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10 Reasons Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Move

scope of big data analytics

Big Data Analytics tools and the relevant techniques are in demand due to their importance in the big data-based businesses. Organizations now get new opportunities for gaining new insights to run the business efficiently. A company that holds…

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DevOps Tutorial for Beginners | Introduction To DevOps

devops tutorial for beginners

Before DevOps, the working pattern of the development and operation team was conducted in isolation. Deployment  and testing used to become time-consuming issues than actual build cycles. With the origination of DevOps, members started getting flexibility in teams…

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Top Digital Marketing Tools You Should Know

Top Digital Marketing Tools

Now you can get the achievement of your goals and scale your business faster with high-quality digital marketing tools.  Online marketing tools are sometimes hard to start. But, these new tools for digital marketing platforms require only the…

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How to Become a CCNA Certified- A Complete Guide of CCNA

How to Become a CCNA Certified

The CCNA certification is trending these days because it confirms that the holder of the certificate has enough ability to understanding, configuration, operation, and troubleshoot of medium level networks. It also takes into consideration the switched and routed…

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VMware Certifications: 6 Things You Need to Know

vmware certification

VMware creates server as well as desktop virtualization software streamlines IT operations. The core centre is the general IT infrastructure. Data centres throughout the cloud along with on mobile devices highly acknowledge its prevalence. The flagship data centre…

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Top Microsoft Azure Certification Path

Microsoft Azure Certification Path

With the advancement in technology, there have been growing changes in every technological platform. In 2018, Microsoft has announced significant changes in its path of Azure certification for making the certifications more role-based. In this blog, you will…

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Beginners Guide to Data Science

Beginners Guide to Data Science

What is Data Science? Need for Data Science Data science salary Data science jobs Data Science course Data Science Certifications Quantum computing and data science are in high demand these days. Machine learning also comes with it as…

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Vulnerability Management Life Cycle Phases

Vulnerability Management Life Cycle

In today’s world, organizations are heavily dependent on information technology. It is necessary for them to protect their IT assets. Vulnerability assessment scan networks for known security issues and weaknesses. Someone who is malicious or we can say…

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The Story of Excellence of Best Citrix Training

Citrix Award

SSDN Technologies is a reputed company in IT training and development. We have won the best CCI, CALC, Sales of the year 2019 award from Citrix. The high-quality training strategies have proved us as the most trusted company…

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What is Man in The Middle Attack and How Can You Prevent It?

What is Man in the middle (MITM) attack

What is Man in the middle (MITM) attack? A man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack is same as its name recommends, the attacker is in the middle of an ongoing communication between two Users. This attack makes the network vulnerable for…

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