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What is AWS Certification?

AWS certification training is a medium to learn how to use the skills to design and manage software solutions on Amazon’s ultra-popular cloud platform.

Amazon Web Services is the world’s leading cloud platform and provider of these resources, those with skills and certifications in the latest cloud computing solutions especially from Amazon Web Services will enjoy a wide range of job opportunities and lucrative pay packages.

Businesses have started moving from traditional in-house services to the cloud computing solutions for a variety of business needs, such as web and application hosting; big data storage and analytics; backup and disaster recovery; custom projects in growing fields like IoT, and more.

Organizations that are able to successfully integrate Amazon Web Services solutions reap benefits like increased efficiency; cost savings, the greater speed with lower risk, stringent security and data integrity, and easier scalability. 

Join Our AWS Training in Gurgaon 

An Amazon Web Services certification training will comprise of instructor-led sessions with real-life case studies and assignments and lifetime access to videos.

Benefits of AWS Certification

There are uncountable benefits of learning AWS, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Amazon Web Services training validates a person’s skills and knowledge in the preeminent cloud computing platform.
  • It has been consistently listed among the highest paying info-tech certifications worldwide.
  • This certification course garners more interviews for aspiring cloud specialists with higher salary post-hiring.
  • This training is recognized industry-wide as a reliable and well-designed tech credentials.
  • The best benefit of this course is that it provides credibility and dedication to a person’s cloud computing career path.
  • Through the training course, a professional can come across a network of like-minded peers and thought leaders.
  • Amazon Web Services courses require recertification which makes sure that a professional’s skills remain updated.

AWS Exam Certification List

Amazon Web Services certifications fall into 2 main categories, which are as follows-

AWS certification roadmap

AWS Core Certifications

This certification covers three knowledge areas i.e. architecture, development and operations.

This certification is offered in three skill levels, which are Foundational, Associate and Professional.

  • 1. AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • 2. AWS Developer – Associate
  • 3. AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • 4. AWS Solutions Architect – Associate
  • 5. AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional
  • 6. AWS Solutions Architect – Professional

Check AWS Specialty Certifications List

This certification validates advanced expertise in targeted IT disciplines, such as information security, big data and networking.

  • 1. AWS Big Data – Specialty
  • 2. AWS Advanced Networking – Specialty
  • 3. AWS Security – Specialty
  • 4. AWS Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty
  • 5. AWS  Machine Learning – Specialty

As Amazon keeps on adding new features and updating services to AWS in order to stay ahead of the constantly evolving cloud market, re-certification is required every two years to keep the credentials current.

Amazon Web Services re-certification is also of two types, one advancing to the next level of certificate, i.e. from Associate to Professional level and the other one is taking a recertification examination for the current credential on its expiry at a reduced cost.

AWS Certification Salary Scope

In a very short span of time since it was launch in 2013, the Amazon Web Services certified professionals are being ranked amongst the highest paid IT certification holders.

Per a recent salary survey from Global Knowledge, the average salary for a certified employees is $113,932, which can go as high as $201,000+.

According to IDC, by 2019 almost half of IT spending will be cloud based and by 2020, this spending will be 60 to 70% including all software, services and technology.

According to Forbes, by 2020 83% of Enterprise Workloads will be in the Cloud and the market share of popular cloud service providers by 2020 will stand as 50% by Amazon Web Services , 21% by Microsoft Azure and 18% by Google Cloud Platform.

Below, we have mentioned average AWS certification salary per annum of an Amazon Web Services certified professional under various categories like as per top recruiters, as per job roles, as per location and so on to give a better and detailed understanding of the same.

AWS Salary offered by some Major Recruiters:

                  CompaniesAverage Salary Per Annum
                   Microsoft               $150,460
                   Teradata               $142.943
                   Amazon               $135,000
                   Deloitte               $120,000
      Microsoft Cloud Engineer               $114,986


AWS certification Jobs Salary
as per Job Role:

              Job Role              Average Salary
AWS architect salary                    $170,140
       AWS developer salary                    $137,000
       AWS sysops salary                    $108,047


AWS Salary in India for Freshers:

         Location (States)                      Average Salary
            Karnataka            Rs. 13,00,000-Rs.18,00,000
            Maharashtra            Rs. 16,00,000
            Tamil Nadu            Rs. 13,00,000


As per, AWS jobs vacancies in India for Indian IT industry are as follows:

         Location (States)                Job Vacancies
             Bengaluru                     3295
             Hyderabad                      851
             Pune                      697
             Chennai                      389
             Gurgaon                      292


AWS Certified Jobs

Amazon Web Services certifications course is a door, which leads to many high paying jobs. This certification will make the ups and downs vanish from a professional’s career by making it stagnant.

Let’s go through the top 10 certifications jobs that an IT professional could get with an AWS certifications.

1. AWS Cloud Architect: A cloud architect will be responsible to supply lead implementation efforts and technical architectures while making sure that the interspersion of new technologies is being adopted.

2. SysOps Administrator: An Amazon Web Services SysOps Administrator deploys, operates and manages systems.

3. Cloud Developer: A cloud developer develops software applications and solutions for enterprises.

4. Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager: As Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager, a professional will be able to grow, drive and shape the future of an advancing creative technology.

5. Cloud DevOps Engineer: A Cloud DevOps Engineer handles code releases by playing multiple roles. He works with system operators, software developers and also with production technical team.

6. Key Account Manager, Cloud: He is responsible for the sales management of cloud storage, server, and products. To make the target of expedient purchase decisions, a key account manager also manages customer accounts.

He is also responsible for driving adoption, market penetration, revenue and management of large and diverse customer base in the market.

7. Cloud Software Engineer: A Cloud Software Engineer is capable of designing, developing and implementing system/software on Amazon Web Services platform.

8. AWS Networking Specialist: An Amazon Web Services Networking Specialist is able to design and implement advanced or hybrid networking projects.

9. AWS System Integrator: This job role is suitable for those who have a good knowledge of Amazon Web Services platform, applications, cloud services, and information systems and who could handle troubleshooting and deployment of applications.

10. AWS Big Data Specialist: He is the one who can design and implement big data services in order to derive value from data.

So, a person who is certified not only get a good pay but also has a wide range of job profiles to choose from.

Why should I Learn aws?

You must be thinking why to learn AWS? What special skills does it offer, which its competitors cannot offer? Well, this certification training trains a person on 100 plus cloud services, which enable an organization to introduce, storage, compute, database, security, and many other factors too.

This whole set of Amazon Web Services functionality is chargeable depending on the category and the consumed resources count. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons which will answer your question of why to choose AWS course In Noida.

1. Customization: An Amazon Web Services platform offers a high level of customization to fulfill the requirements of individual businesses.

2. Flexibility & Scalability: The flexibility and scalability of Amazon Web Services have made many businesses understand that it is easy to scale up and down to meet the business requirements and fulfill the desired goals.

3. PaaS Offerings: It duplicates different methods of incompetent services for data warehousing backup, database, transcoding, aching, application management, storage, and infrastructure management.

This in return helps in lessening the time and energy required to arrange and handling the organization.

4. Security: Greatest security level is guaranteed by AWS when it is used with both small and large scale businesses.

5. Scheduling: It provides a feature to start and stop numerous illustrations at programmed periods. For example, services such as Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Relational Database Service (RDS) can be scheduled with the help of Amazon Web Services and make people free from running the jobs throughout the weekend.

6. Recovery: It is an effective technology, which offers a group of cloud based disaster recovery solutions helping in quick recovery of any data and IT infrastructure.

7. Consistency: An Amazon Web Services consistency model helps a developer to write reliable and stable applications.

8. Global Architecture: Termed as a global leader who uses stages such as ‘Availability Zones’ and ‘Regions’ for the Data Centers, This has 44 availability zones within 16 geographic regions across the world.

9. Pricing: Amazon Web Services offers cost free tier access for one year, which is beneficial for those who are fresh and eagerly waiting to study the technology. It is flexible and provides pay-as-you-go option that can critically help to assist any of the business needs.

10. Better Jobs: As said above, Amazon Web Services certifications course will place a learner in the top IT companies which will offer a god job profile with a handsome salary.

We are sure that the above reasons will definitely compel you to learn Amazon Web Services in order to make a hike in your career graph with the best technical language certification.

Best Way To learn AWS

The first step is to start your cloud learning is with Amazon Web Services Solution Architect Associate Certification to familiarize yourself with the AWS ecosystem and core services.

It is also a job for freshers, which will help them shoot their career-high at the initial stages itself. It is also mandatory to achieve an associate certificate before taking the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification. In fact, this is the most rewarding cloud career option due to the skill gaps.

As per Simply Hired, Amazon Web Services certified salary of Cloud Architects range from $124,406 to $173,719.

Are AWS Certifications worth it?

As said above, certifications depend on a learner’s current job role and the set of skills he has. If he is in operations, then SysOps certifications are an option for him.

OR, if he is a software engineer, then DevOps certifications is the right choice for him.

Per industry experts, the Certified Solutions Architect exam is the best way to start training as it covers the broadest range of skills.

These certifications are not specific to a single platform or domain or area of expertise and also comprises the widest breadth of Amazon Web Services, which makes it the most popular and demanded certification.

Which is the Best Amazon Web Services Training?

Whether it is the technology or the lucrative job profile and pay package that attracts you towards the certification course, we at SSDN Technologies are always there to serve you to meet your career goals.

SSDN Technologies with industry experts and trainers will help you master the skills that employers are looking for when hiring a cloud expert. Learn AWS Training in Delhi and get AWS certified. 

From basic to advanced certifications, SSDN Technologies is the professionals’ first choice for all sorts of IT training and courses. Do not think why Amazon Web Services because all these AWS certifications are worth it.

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