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So , are you a Techwizard ?

Information technology industry is on rise and is not going to look back for as long as we can think of .The vitality and our prolonged dependence on mobiles/laptops etc. have given a rise to this whole new lot of businesses .

1. Web designing

Since, everything we know of has gone online websites now serve as a marketplace for online sellers. Now everyone needs their website to be more catchy, user-friendly and aptly maintained.

So, look up for this .

2. Video Production

A widespread publication or advertisement is required by each website as an effective way for attracting targeted audience as videos bring out the message in a more creative and enjoyable manner. Such a person will do proficiently in video production industry

3. Social Media Consulting

Doesn’t matter which social media website you are thinking of, each website is flooded with internet users from all around the globe.

Now that this is more like an ever growing leisure activity or need of people, a person who can strategically work with social media trend can move mountains.

4. Blog Consulting

So you own a blog?

Mostly people do because of ease of publishing a blog but as far as professional blogs are concerned, people who want to earn money or desired reputation find themselves looking for blog consultants . Now you know what I’m talking about.

5. Data Entry Business

A huge pile of data is collected by companies but many are strapped for resources when it comes time to organize data in a practical way. There is an ever growing need for data analysts, computer systems analysts and data scientists, to name just a few. In 2014, the demand for big data skills increased over 123-percent for IT project managers and just under 90-percent for computer systems analysts.

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