Benefits of Oracle certification
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You might have heard about the oracle certifications. Such certification programs are popular due to the widespread use of Oracle software, products, and services in industries. Oracle sponsored the certification program and guides the aspirants with the right amount of knowledge and skills that are required to make the best use of Oracle offerings. Checkout more Benefits of Oracle certification.

Aspirants who are intending to take the oracle certification can find a great number of employment opportunities in MNCs, Fortune 500 companies, and other private and public sector companies. Taking the oracle certification can take you towards a rewarding and lucrative career path.

One can take the oracle certification in any of the 9 technological segments, right from databases, applications, oracle cloud, Java, and middleware, enterprise management and visualization, systems, and operating systems. One can take any of the types of certification to kick start their journey with the oracle. There are different levels of certification that Oracle offers. Some of them are:

  • The Oracle certified master certification teaches you how to manage complex databases.
  • Oracle certified expert certification makes an expert in various domains and technologies.

To understand the lucrative side of oracle certifications, take a look at the Benefits of Oracle certification they offer to both candidates and organizations.

The Benefits of Oracle Certification for Aspirants

When you undertake the oracle certification, it will certainly enhance your credibility and give you a different, yet superior, perspective. Aspirants who undertake the certification program in database and others can explore the following benefits from it.

  • Increase in earnings or salary
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Great promotion prospects.
  • Increased employment opportunities
  • A better understanding of the technology
  • Great improvement in skills and knowledge.

Organizational Advantages of Oracle Certification

Companies that hire candidates possessing Oracle DBA certification or any other Oracle certification can expect the following benefits:

  • Better performance by the employee
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved productivity
  • Better credibility in the market
  • enhanced market value.

Career opportunities after Oracle certification

Apart from the work or profile benefits, Oracle certifications are largely known for creating multiple career opportunities for aspirants. Once you are professionally certified by Oracle, you are free to explore rewarding job opportunities. Several organizations work on Oracle-based systems. In reality, oracle systems and services serve as the backbone of several organizations located worldwide. Thus, one can expect a good number of career opportunities waiting for the right candidate to fill them in.

If you are interested in making a career after having oracle certification, you can check out the following work opportunities or career opportunities available to you.

Database Administrator

The role of a database administrator lies in handling several security issues that are related to and relevant to Oracle databases. Also, a database administrator holds the responsibility of maintaining, running, and administering the Oracle databases on a daily basis. Once you are done with the certification course, you can work as a database administrator in hospitals, financial organizations, central and state government organizations, IT companies, universities, colleges, and firms associated with the information technology segment, and lots more.

Oracle Application Developer

An Oracle Application Developer is responsible for designing new applications as well as ensuring the security of networks, systems, and applications. Their job profile also includes the responsibility of developing and maintaining the database systems and handling the tasks related to the storage functions as well. When you scroll down to look for the role played as Oracle application developer, you come across several profiles such as database analyst, Oracle systems and networks administrator, computer programmers, web developers, and administrators.

Instructional Coordinators

You can also check out the profile related to guiding others with the right set of educational materials and oracle training programs. You can become an instructional coordinator whose job is related to developing and implementing instructional materials used for training purposes. Such people need to play the role of meeting the required educational standards and quality.

Oracle products, software, and services are highly scalable and used in both large-scale and medium-scale organizations. Most of the oracle products are critical for a business and thus need to be managed and handled by only professionals having the right amount of expertise in the said field. Compared to other certifications, oracle database related jobs are many, and people receive a good amount of salary once appointed. Apart from these, there are other technological streams also, wherein oracle certification proves to be beneficial.

Once you have made up your mind to have a good career, oracle certification can actually serve you better in terms of a rewarding and lasting career opportunity.

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