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The need of adaptation ,working with hand in hand with latest trends is as crucial as anything else you can imagine .

Five years ago, a software engineer might have been comfortable understanding Java and perhaps a second language, like C++. But today, the number of programming languages you can learn has grown to include Python, Ruby, Swift, and Objective-C, to name just a few. so , a need of frequent updation with latest demands and trends in IT industry is a must.

some of the latest trends for IT students and job seekers are


Mobile has become increasingly important with the evolution of smartphones, and even more recently with Mobilgeddon.  As of April 21, Google changed its algorithm to prioritize websites with a strong mobile experience. This created a need for companies to optimize their Web design for a mobile-friendly experience, or else suffer.

Thus, the need for iOS and Android application developers has grown.

Data Management

A huge pile of data is collected by companies but many are strapped for resources when it comes time to organize data in a practical way. There is an ever growing need for data analysts, computer systems analysts and data scientists, to name just a few.In 2014, the demand for big data skills increased over 123-percent for IT project managers and just under 90-percent for computer systems analysts.


You can’t start with a new device without being prompted to opt into some form of cloud storage, whether its iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. And it’s becoming a hot topic in the enterprise as well, with adoption of cloud storage also prompting the need for more data analysts and security professionals. As cloud continues to move into the enterprise, there will be an even greater demand for workers skilled in cloud computing as well as cloud security

DevOps Software Development Hiring

It has its roots in a 2009 conference in Berlin and has since taken the tech world by storm. In fact, a 2014 survey of IT managers in the U.S., U.K. and Australia found that of those that hadn’t yet deployed a DevOps strategy, 79 percent planned to do so by the end of 2015. So, DevOps engineers are in demand .Picking up Ruby or Python (or any modern scripting language) alongwith cloud management/monitoring tools and technologies can surely differentiate your resume from the pack.

UI Engineers

Front-end development is just as important as back-end, and companies need user interface engineers who can help create interactive,user-friendly and consumer focused mobile and Web applications.UI engineers will become especially integral as more companies move to create enterprise applications, software, and mobile apps.

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