Top Reason Why Learn C++ – Best Programming Language 2018

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why learn C++

C++ Best Programming Language . C++ taught me how to really write code.

There are plenty of excellent developers I know today that still use C++ and teach others how to use it and there is nothing at all wrong with that. So what is the problem then?

Why C++ Is Not “Back”

C++11   just came out recently and it seems like there is this big resurgence in interest in C++ development.
Now don’t get me wrong.  C++11 is fantastic!  I am in just about 100% agreement with all of the changes that have been made.
C++ has definitely become much easier to use and it has even become more powerful.

It seems that many of the seasoned developers have forgotten why we stopped using C++ and moved on to Java, C# and other modern languages.

Many younger or newer developers don’t really know the history and are getting confused by the current C++ message and resurgence.
Everyone keeps asking me if they need to learn C++, but just like my answer was a few years ago, it is the same today—NO!.  A better answer is “why?”


Why do you want to learn C++?

There are only about three sensible reasons to learn C++ today that I can think of.

• You absolutely need to eke out every bit of performance possible out of your software and you would like to do that with a language that will support OO abstractions.
• You are writing code which will directly interface with raw hardware.  (Example: you are writing a low level driver.)
• Memory control and timing is of absolute importance, so you must have completely deterministic behavior in your system and the ability to manually manage memory.  (Think real time embedded operating system controlling a moving piece of machinery.)

Some parting words about C++

It is crystal clear for every sane programmer that C/C++ is not going to die in the nearest future. The demand for C/C++ programmers has always been high and will remain so for a long time to come.

By the way, most of the critics have never seen C++ code in production. To put it brief and clear, the issue with C++ is that it is very fast (and also demanding little memory, battery charge, etc.).

If you can program in C++, you can program in any programming language. Lean C & C++ programming language at SSDN Technologies

Now we ready to start our first program in C and C++. So no more wait. You do make a lot of tolerances. We are just going to start our first program in our favorite language to the next pages.

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