Career in Azure | Azure Certification, Jobs & Salary 2019

What is Azure

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Microsoft Azure is a well-known cloud computing service offered by Microsoft for various purposes. It includes building, managing, testing and deploying services and applications through the fully managed data centers. Also, it offers SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service). It is significant to know that Azure supports lots of frameworks, programming languages, and tools. It consists of third-party and Microsoft-specific systems and software. If you want to increase your career in azure, it is advised to get azure training. It is equally important to understand what is azure before taking the training.

About Azure

Microsoft Azure is the ever-expanding set of various cloud services. They help the organization to meet several business challenges. Another important thing about this cloud service is that it is really freedom for deploying, managing and building applications on an extensive, global network by using your much-beloved frameworks and tools.

Why Azure is better than Aws?

Both AWS and Azure provide the same IaaS capabilities for virtual machines, storage, and networking.  Though, Azure offers sturdy PaaS capabilities that are a vital part of the Cloud infrastructure today. The increased productive level of Azure reduce the marketing cycles by simply delivering the features which faster with over hundred end-to-end services. You can deploy and develop exactly where you desire, with consistent hybrid cloud platform on this present market. With Azure, you can create the most intelligent apps by using artificial intelligence and powerful data services. These are the major reasons for why azure is better than aws.

Get professional azure training

The requirement of cloud is growing quickly, so every certification will surely benefit your career path. If you want to increases your possibilities of getting selected in leading cloud computing sector, it is advised to get azure certification. There are many ways available to acquire Azure knowledge, but the best training course will bring you the required knowledge to get success. You can take an azure course to grab the skills related to Azure Virtual Machines, PaaS and virtual networks. 

Who benefit from azure certification course?

Microsoft provides the heaps of quality training to aids you in becoming certified. Every training course is dedicated to helping learners to get more from cloud services. If you already have a specific path in your mind for cloud career, the MS platform provides guided learning facilities with effective training for azure jobs. It includes:

  • Azure Administrators
  • Azure Stack Operators
  • Azure Solution Architects
  • Node.js Developers
  • .NET Developers
  • AI Developers
  • Azure for AWS Professionals

What Are The Benefits One Can Take From Azure Training And Certification? 

Azure Certification Cost & Salary Details

It is important to know about the azure certification cost before enrolling for the course. The certification cost is entirely based on the type of your chosen course. The average salary of a Senior Software Engineer (MS Azure Lead) is between ₹864K – ₹939K.

Azure certifications

It undergoes lots of significant enhancements. Every Azure Certifications Path is modular as well as link with the core infrastructure knowledge in the Windows Server. The three options or levels of certifications are given below those shares your better skills into this cloud service. It also prepares learners for better positions in both cloud architecture and administration.

Exam CodeCertifications Name
AZ-100Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment
AZ-101Microsoft Azure Integration and Security
AZ-102Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Transition
AZ-203Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
AZ-300Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
AZ-301Microsoft Azure Architect Design
AZ-302Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Certification Transition
AZ-400Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions

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