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Hacking is defined as the process of finding vulnerabilities in a system and using those vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to the system. When you hear the term ‘hacking’, you often think of it as an illegal thing. But when you modify the term to ‘Ethical hacker’, the whole concept gets changed. It became legal. In companies, ethical hacking is followed to ensure that the system is full proof and no outsider can access it anyhow. For this, companies do employ ethical hackers. Read full article and explore Career opportunities after CEH certification.

Ethical hackers first get permission from the system owner and then perform activities that prevent the system from getting hacked by outside or crime-oriented parties. How to become an ethical hacker. Well, one can take up the CEH certification. This certification is meant for ethical hackers who want to work for the betterment of companies. Such hackers are guided with the necessary skill set and turned into someone whom companies can trust and allow them access to their complete system.

To apply for the CEH certification, one should have basic knowledge of networking and should have expertise in C++ or Java. Also, familiarity with UNIX is important for clearing the CEH certification. After getting to know this, you might be wondering what the career opportunities that is available after completing the CEH certification. Well, here are a few career opportunities after CEH certification. Get to know about them before getting started on your learning path.

Career Opportunities After CEH Certification

Here are some careers options that you can choose to become after completing your CEH certification.

Ethical hacker: You can choose to become an ethical hacker. An ethical hacker is a computer and networking expert who breaks into a system or a network of systems of a company on behalf of its owners. The role of an ethical hacker is to disclose the security vulnerabilities that have been created by a malicious user. The problems are then reported to the company and then necessary actions are taken.

Network Security Engineer: The role of a network security engineer is to maintain the security of the networking systems. His role also includes the management of the system after facing threats like natural disasters, hacking activities, and many others. A network security engineer also performs the duty of redesigning the network and suggesting mitigation strategies, if required.

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Computer Forensics Investigator: Person who works as a computer forensics investigator need to recover the lost information from the computers and data storage devices. Such investigators work for private firms and law enforcement firms. His duty is to retrieve the information from the damaged devices or the corrupted devices. It is a very demanding kind of job profile and one needs to have patience to work for long hours to recover the lost data.

A Security Auditor: A security auditor works to provide a company with an audit of their security systems. His role lies with investing in the audit of the security system and then handling the reports to the company. On the basis of the audit, necessary changes are made to the company’s systems.

Data Security Analyst: Their role lies in preparing the data security analyst plan and protecting the data available on the networks and computers of the company. Also known as data security specialists, these people work with the employees of the company and guide them periodically on the security protocols.

Information security officer: The role of an information security officer is to maintain the enterprise strategy and check the stature of the technologies and assets of a company. He is asked to look into developing, maintaining, and implementing processes that reduce the information risks in an organization.

Becoming an ethical hacker can offer you multiple job options. You can clear up your certification with help of ceh exam preparation and explore the above and more career opportunities after CEH certification.

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