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Test Automation Strategy: How to Build a Good Test Automation Strategy?

test automation strategy

Manually repeating tests become too costly and time-consuming. When created, the automated tests run over & over again at no extra expenditures. They are faster than a manual test. The test automation strategy refers to the Framework for…

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Introduction To Machine Learning | Types Of Machine Learning

What Is Machine Learning

Table OF Content What is Machine Learning? The Aim Of Machine Learning Why Choose Machine Learning? Future of Machine Learning Machine Learning Engineers Earning Pretty Penny Jobs On The Rise Machine Learning Job Positions Linked Directly To Data…

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What Is The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning?

ai vs ml

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the two most talked about and one of the most phenomenon inventions in the field of technology, which has occupied a significant position in almost every big IT company at…

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