• selenium tutorial for beginners

    Selenium Tutorial Guide for Beginners Step by Step

    Table of Content Selenium Components Selenium Integrated Development Environment Selenium Remote Control (RC) Selenium WebDriver Selenium Grid Why is Selenium so Popular? Advantages of Selenium Career in Selenium Conclusion Selenium is an open-source testing tool primarily used for…

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  • Selenium Interview Question

    Top Selenium Interview Question & Answer 2021

    Before starting anything new, it is always recommended to keep the base or the basics strong to help build a sound and sustainable structure or a career. Similarly, before finding answers to Selenium tricky interview questions, we will…

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  • Top Reasons To Learn Selenium

    Top 10 Reasons To Learn Selenium

    The reason you have chosen this blog article to read is that you either want to start cruising career in the IT sector or you want to advance ahead to become an automation tester from being a manual…

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