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MCSA Certification and Training

Microsoft has brought a range of IT certification programs in the name Microsoft Certified Solutions Associates (MCSA) which helps professionals validate their skills and knowledge. Ever-growing technological development and the corresponding organizational growth warrant the skilled IT professionals to manage business activities.
Microsoft technologies have prevailed in the world for the skyrocketing growth of Microsoft and its product and services that made organizations opt for Microsoft supported technologies such as, Azure, Office 365, SQL Server, Windows OS, etc. For the maintenance of these technologies and thereby business continuity, skilled Microsoft Certified Solutions Associates are needed. SSDN Technologies being a Microsoft partner deliver quality training by the Microsoft certified trainers.

Microsoft certification credentials are ranked higher in the industry

MCSA Programe - SSDN Technologies

A number of surveys conducted so far in the IT industry shows – the majority of professionals agree that earning a Microsoft certification leads to a new job or exposes to better career opportunities. In such a specific survey, 64 percent of hiring managers expressed that the Microsoft certification has an extremely high value of validating knowledge, skills and expertise.
Ingeneral, if we go by the trends, the professionals with the Microsoft certifications such as MCSA, earn 15 percent more than others with no certification. This proves the scope for Microsoft certified technologists

Training in MCSA certification leads to better opportunities

Microsoft certified Solution Associates (MCSA) certification creates new and exciting career paths. A series of courses included in MCSA enables the participants to work with products related Windows and Server.
SSDN Technologies, a leading MCSA training institute in Gurgaon offers unmatched training in the MCSA Certification Program, which exposes you to the job opportunities as given below –
Network Administrator:The tasks such as managing networks and systems in an organization are performed by network administrators.

Systems Administrator: Configuring the computer system, thereby ensuring reliable work of an organization is what the systems administrator does.

Computer network specialist:Installing, securing, inspecting and troubleshooting the system in a networked organization are the chief activities of Computer network specialist.

SQL Database administrator: The professionals employed as a SQL Database administrator possess technical knowledge and understanding of Microsoft SQL Server’s capabilities that helps leveraging database technology.

Cloud Architect:Cloud professionals manage cloud strategies, deployment of apps, monitoring of the cloud environment, etc.

Cloud Administrator: Cloud administrator performs a dual role overlapped by Windows and Linux environment. These professionals manage cloud infrastructure an organization.
MCSA Training at SSDN Technologies

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