Difference Between AI And Machine Learning
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the two most talked about and one of the most phenomenon inventions in the field of technology, which has occupied a significant position in almost every big IT company at its inception stage. Both the terms seem to be used interchangeably, but are not quite similar, which finds its usage in Big Data, Analytics and other broader branches of technology. In a layman’s term, Artificial Intelligence is the broader concept of machines, which is designed to perform tasks in a way that is considered as “smart.” Whereas, Machine Learning is a subset or the current version of AI, which is based on the idea that we should just give machines the access to Data and let them learn from it all by them.

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Both AI and ML are the terms with its roots in computer science. Before going further with our hot topic of discussion “difference between ai and machine learning”, First we will explain our readers what actually AI or ML means and what do they do.

Meaning of Artificial Intelligence:

Siri, created by Apple Inc; Google Now, which is a part of Google Search; and Cortana, which is a virtual assistant invented by Microsoft and Windows 10, are nothing but Artificial Intelligence which are designed to assist and help humans by answering and providing solutions which until now was limited to humans only. These artificial human like creation by the humans itself are intelligent digital personal assistants which runs on its desired platforms like iOS, Android and Windows 10 respectively. For example, if we ask them something like ‘What’s the temperature today?’, the AI will react instantly by searching for the relevant information, transfer that information from the device or would send commands to various other applications and then come up with an answer to the question.

Artificial Intelligence plays a critical role in these applications because they gather data based on the user’s request and then utilize those gathered data to perceive speech in a better and more humanly manner to serve the user with relevant answer that is related to his request or question. In this regard, Microsoft says that Cortana “Constantly finds out about its user” and in the end will develop the capacity to anticipate the users’ requirements and cater to them. From an assortment of sources, AI or Virtual Assistants process a massive length of information in order to find out about its users and be more captivating in assisting them arrange and track their data.

Meaning of Machine Learning:

Machine learning is an important organ of these personal assistants of humans as they are responsible to collect and refine the data, which is based on the user’s request or past interaction with them. Then, this arrangement of information is used to provide results that are custom made and relevant to the user.  Machine Learning is a part of AI that learns by itself from the data manually fed into it, which also involves gathering of data from its past experience with the user, allowing the computer program to modify its performance and behavior accordingly.



Now, let’s delve into AI v/s Machine Learning discussion to understand how they both are different from each other.

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Difference Between AI And Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning
AI or Artificial Intelligence is a human made unnatural human who has an intelligence and ability to acquire and apply knowledge to do things which currently humans are able to do easily.Machine Learning means acquisition of knowledge or skill, which the machines interprets on its own from the Data fed in it.
The objective of AI is to increase chances of success and not accuracy.The objective of Machine Learning is to increase chances of accuracy and not success.  
AI works as a computer program that works smartly.In Machine Learning, machines accept the data given to it and learns from it by itself.
The goal of AI is to simulate natural intelligence like humans to solve complex problems.The goal of Machine Learning is to learn from the Data on specific task in order to maximize the performance of machine on that specific task.
AI involves decision making.Machine Learning involves learning new things from the given data.
AI works to develop a system which could act like humans and respond/behave in circumstances like  humans do.Machine Learning creates self learning algorithms.
AI searches for the optimal solution.Machine Learning only goes for solution to determine whether it is optimal or not.
AI is the path for Intelligence or Wisdom.Machine Learning leads to knowledge.




We would like to end this AI v/s ML discussion by stating a simple fact that ‘AI is the superset of Machine Learning. It means all the Machine Learning is Artificial Intelligence but not all Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning.’ For more information on AI and Machine Learning courses, contact us now.

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