Digital marketing latest trends
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Table of Contents

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Chatbots
  4. Programmatic Advertising (B2B platform)
  5. Social Messaging Apps
  6. Personalization
  7. Visual Search
digital marketing trends-2020


As digital behaviors change every year, both developers and users should always be conscious of the new developments so that they can quickly adjust to new technologies and stay ahead on the market front. It will help a lot to gain a competitive edge and develop new ways of increasing the business volumes while generating leads and improving bonds with valuable customers. Based on the reports and statistics published on digital marketing patterns, 2019 was the year to celebrate the merits of augmented reality, voice search, video content and the power of advertising.

And when 2020 is not far away, you might be dying to know what’s new in digital marketing? To help you understand where the path is going in 2020, we have identified the latest in digital marketing trends that will interest you. Also, it will surely better your marketing strategy, catering to your needs and prerequisites in the coming year. 

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Digital Marketing Products for the New Generation

You may again raise the question what is new in digital marketing? To serve this fitting curiosity put up by the users as well as marketers, we have tried to throw lights on the possible roadmap so that you can get to know the distinct product features that will rule the digital world in the coming year. 

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is the most relevant business opportunity for industries, markets, and nations in the next few years and will boost global GDP up to 11 per cent by 2020. Digital marketing latest trends reveal that AI can evaluate consumer response and search patterns, and also use information from social media platforms and various online posts to help companies understand how users react to their products and services. It will eventually become the driving force behind many digital services and find its applications in segments like:

  • Basic communication system
  • Customer care chatbots
  • Content generation
  • Product suggestions
  • E-commerce businesses
  • E-mail personalization

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A/B or bucket split testing in digital marketing in terms of SEO enables you to separate the growing traffic probabilities so that you can take a focused approach to changes the contents accordingly. SEO A/B split testing is one of the notable features of the latest in digital marketing trends that pulls from your webpage the essential SEO elements and gives you visibility to the variables that serve your purpose.

Platforms such as Clickflow takes you to the SEO pages, which have not attracted users’ attention as yet with a high impression count but low click-through rate (CTR) to further clicks and traffic.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots will play a dominant part in digital marketing in 2020 as well. Such AI-based technology utilizes text messaging to communicate with your clients or web visitors in real-time as and when they want to. Newest digital marketing trends show that;

  • A majority of web users prefer online chatbots to interact with brand marketers for niche products.
  • Chatbots might occupy almost 90% of online customer care providers by 2020.
  • Main benefits of Chatbots are 24-hour attention, instant answers and resolution to queries.
  • Almost every online marketer will favor the use of chatbots in the beginning of 2020.

4. Programmatic Advertising (B2B platform)

Programmatic advertising implies using AI to optimize the purchase of advertisements so that more dedicated audiences can join the product domain. Real-time bidding is an instance of programmatic ad buying. This technology is very efficient and user-friendly, which results in higher revenues and lower costs.

The factual digital marketing current trends signify the swiftly changing scenario such that around 91 per cent of global digital display advertisements will be programmatic by 2020.  

5. Social Messaging Apps

Social messaging apps can be highly beneficial to send messages directly to stakeholders as they allow for personalization and add value to user experience.  Besides, customers assume businesses to be present on messaging apps as it is a simple and convenient w

ay to interact. In fact according to the digital marketing recent trends, more than half of the potential consumers’ base is in favor of marketers that allow communication through messaging apps. The reasons are as follows:

  • Transfer of information
  • Contact promotion
  • Increase in sales
  • Reworking on potential customers’ base
  • Grant help and support
  • Planning events and involving the stakeholders 

6. Personalization

You need to personalize your advertising if you want to stand out in 2020 and that means catering to personalized products and services contents, emails and many more. Personalized content has never been that easy to launch marketing campaigns with the availability of data such as buying history, consumer preferences and open web links as well as specific software for executing promotions. Best examples of businesses that make use of the elements of personalization are Amazon and Netflix with their custom made products and movie editions.

Visual search can carry the user experience to an entirely new level. Now, users can upload a picture and check for more meaningful results. Not surprisingly, Pinterest has taken its business in visual search domain. They have developed a Lens, i.e., a visual search tool that enables users to take pictures of an object to find out the online buying platform, search for similar products, or browse pinboards of related stuff.

Google Lens is also a visual search engine that uses a camera app to identify objects and landmarks.

  • Business card: Take a photo and save the contact details.
  • Building/Landmark: Search for appropriate details.
  • Book: Get reviews and related references
  • Paintings in archives and museums: Get the real-time viewing and feedbacks.

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Digital Marketing course

Final Thought

Digital Marketing is the prominent area of training in the IT sector for tech-oriented executives in keeping with the vision of digital marketing trends for 2020. The Digital Marketing Course foundation in Gurgaon guides you through to the use of digital technologies, maintaining all required parameters of modern marketing scenario.

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