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When it comes to develop the application for the cloud, one need to possess an entire set of knowledge, skills and abilities to be on the top. Developing an application in the cloud is somewhat handy as cloud brings in a high level of scalability and functionality to the application. For developers, there is an urgent need to take up the required essential skills for azure developer on the cloud.

Modern developers who have been using Microsoft Azure or planning to develop their applications on it must accompany some of the basic and essential skills. These skills will lead the developers to create the finest product from their end.

Essential Skills for Microsoft Azure Developer

Modern Azure developers need to sharpen some of the needed skills to maintain their unique and solitary abilities. Here are a few of the skills.

1. Learn to handle unpredictable development:

Unpredictability in development arises when there is high availability of the cloud and you don’t have any server control on which the application is running. When an application is made to run on the Azure, it makes the use of Microsoft datacenter to do so. In cases of unpredictability, Azure takes full control over the servers those results in great uptime.

2. Learn to develop keeping cost in mind:

In cloud, you are asked to pay for the services you use. Thus, as a developer, you must learn about the costs of your application and takes into account the use of CPU cycles, memory, storage and bandwidth.

3. Learn how to scale your applications:

the cloud platform allows the developers to scale your applications. With the cloud, you should learn how to move to more powerful server i.e. scaling up and increase the amount of application instances i.e. scaling out and even vice-versa. You need to learn to develop an app that scales according to the cloud apps.

4. Gain knowledge on how to scale your data:

when you had learnt how to scale your application, you should learn how to scale your data. This is somehow more difficult because you need to look after the storage of the data and make the data close to the users and also you need to deal with transactional consistency. Azure brings in various services that will help you achieve what you want.

5. Gather knowledge on monitoring and diagnostics pipeline:

While working with cloud, you need to work with several services in one go. They can either be the microservices or some security services. Most of the time, cloud failed to give a good overview of what’s running inside the system. Herein, you need to learn how to monitor the services and apply the diagnostic system, whenever is needed.

6. Learn to develop for resiliency:

the cloud is known for resiliency. It implies that even the server dies, the application will keep on running. In order to take the benefit of the resiliency, there is some mechanism which you need to understand.

7. Learn how to script your environment:

While working with cloud, you need to learn how to script your environment. This is necessary so that you can use them as a code. When you learn how to script everything, you can anytime tear everything out and create a new one. This allows you to make the payment for the infrastructure that you already used.

8. Learn to choose the right services:

this is something very important but hard to choose. A cloud consists of many services. Like Azure had over 90 services to choose from. You have to learn how to choose the best of the services to support your application development. It will include the services that let you run the application, store the data, and secure the app and so on. While choosing the services, you have to take into consideration, the scope of your application and the amount of control you need on it. You can also choose the cloud to handle everything on your behalf. Whatever be your choice, you have to act accordingly.

9. Learn on building things:

This is another important skill that you need to attain perfection. As developers, you tend to create such things on which you own the complete control. Since cloud is there to assist you with many of its services, you get the spacious time to build the things that adds on the value to the users as well. While using cloud, you need to pay attention to the possible use of the technologies that allows you to authenticate, move the data around, scale the application, send the notifications and handle other tasks.

To learn these essential skills for azure developer join Microsoft azure training in gurgaon and up skill yourself.

When you are all set to develop the applications on cloud, you are expected to take over the above mentioned skills and knowledge. You should keep a timely updation to the above skills and make sure to sharpen them timely to attain success.

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