Establish Your Personality on Social Media
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Social media is on fire, and you’ve likely jumped on the bandwagon. However, you may have been too busy lately to give it your undivided attention. Maybe you’ve only half filled out your profile, or perhaps you just haven’t been too active lately. Get the 9 Ways to Establish Your Personality on Social Media.

Either way, it may feel like you’re not getting the most out of your social media accounts. And half-measures on social media don’t do much to help you use these sites to their full potential.

Your goal may be to vamp up your profiles to establish your personality online. Or perhaps you’re getting close to graduating and want to have a few active social sites that you’re on.

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Either way, it’s time to get to work!

We’ve come up with nine steps to raise your social media game and stand out on these platforms. Recruiters, interviewers, and your friends will be amazed by your positive changes by the time you’re through!

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Checkout these top 9 Ways to Establish Your Personality on Social Media:

1. Zero in on Sites That Work Best for You

Since social media is endless, you should focus on a few sites to start.

For example, you may want to channel your energy on Instagram. Perhaps it’s the perfect site for you to showcase your photography or art!

Likewise, you may want to focus your attention on a social network like LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you can spend your time developing a professional online presence.

Once you settle on a few social sites, branch out more if you want. But don’t spread yourself too thin. The idea is to establish yourself on platforms that will play to your strengths. That way, when you’re looking for a job, you’ll have a few stellar social media profiles set up.

2. Perfect Your Online Profiles

One of the first steps to establishing your personality is filling out your profiles.

To start filling them out, include a brief snippet of who you are and what interests you. Then, ask yourself if what you put on your profiles shows that you’re well-rounded. Recruiters often like to see that a potential candidate doesn’t have too narrow of a skillset, so creating a profile that shows a variety of abilities can give you an edge over the competition.

What does an excellent online profile include? For example, it may consist of a few hobbies, a cause you support, and career aspirations.

It’s better to have more than just a few words on your profile, but word things carefully.

Whatever you include, keep professionals and recruiters in mind. You never know who may stumble across your social profiles!

3. Post Engaging Content

After you have your profile set up, back up your social accounts with some engaging content!

Show off who you are by sharing your interests with your followers and friends.

You can showcase your uniqueness in multiple ways. For example, you could post photos of nature, your pet, and what inspires you to your profile.

These photos can go deeper than your interests, too. For example, if you attended a volunteering event, you could share pictures of the event and explain why you hold the organization dear.

Your sharing doesn’t need to stop with photos, either. Feel free to explore other ways to share content, such as posting videos, quotes, and links to articles.

4. Share Links to Outside Sources

Speaking of articles, there’s a wealth of information on the internet! If you don’t have anything exciting to share from your personal, have some articles do the talking for you.

On Facebook, for example, you can share an uplifting news article. Then, you can express how these posts got you thinking about making the world a better place.

LinkedIn is an excellent site to share professional articles. Posting a few articles about career growth would be appropriate, for example. If you’re getting ready to graduate, this is the perfect way to connect with other professionals.

Sharing your interests through articles creates engaging conversations. Plus, it may open the door to new and exciting opportunities for you.

4. Get Your Followers Thinking

Asking your followers questions is a fantastic way to increase your engagement. Then, once those responses come rolling in, you’ll know their thoughts and feelings on various subjects.

Using these questions on social media can offer multiple benefits. Not only will you get to learn a bit more about your audience, but they’ll likely get more insight about you, too!

So, start chatting with your followers more frequently, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

5. Add Some Humor

Everyone loves a good humorous post sometimes.

However, if you’re trying to impress recruiters, make sure the jokes are harmless and won’t offend anyone.

A quick and fun .gif on Facebook or Twitter will make people smile. Or, you can share a humorous meme from another business account on Facebook, for example.

Making people laugh on social media is a beautiful way to remind them not to take life too seriously. You’re telling your followers that it’s okay to relax and have fun once in a while too!

Accounts that can properly mix their more serious posts with some humorous ones are often more engaging for the audience overall. Who knows, your followers might end up looking forward to those jokes or images from your account.

7. Create a Blog to Go With Your Accounts

Complement your social accounts by creating a blog. A blog allows you to write about topics you’re passionate about or ones that you feel you’re well-suited to write. .

Even if you’re not a writer, you’ll become more skilled at writing by coming up with new content. Having a blog will encourage you to seek growth as you cover intriguing topics.

Also, if you’re looking for a job, having a blog that showcases your talents will impress recruiters.

So, keep your audience in mind as you create content. If you’re new to blogging, you may not want to make your blog too niche. Instead, think about sticking to evergreen blog posts, so all types of people can relate to them.

8. Always Stay True to Who You Are

Social media tends to turn some people into someone they’re not.

Never forget to stay true to who you are. Be genuine as you share your experiences instead of bending to the pressures of the virtual world.

Being authentic doesn’t mean you have to bare your soul, though. Only share what you’re comfortable with sharing, and never feel pressured to tell more.

It’s easy to convey your emotions and interests through content that’s not too personal. If you’d rather keep your family and friends off your profiles, that’s okay too.

Follow your gut, and don’t sway from being yourself.

9. Step Away From Social Media Once in a While

Getting sucked into social media is way too easy. At times, you may forget you have an actual life to live.

If you want to share experiences, you’ll need to get out there and experience some stuff!

That means be selective of what you share and make it a priority to live your life away from social media. You’ll feel happier and more content if you take breaks every once in a while.


Enjoy setting yourself up on social media and creating your own space to be yourself. These platforms can offer an excellent opportunity to show the world what an incredible person you are!

Better yet, it gives you a place to engage with others and learn more about the world. Remember, knowledge is power, especially as you enter the career!

So, take advantage of all that social media has to offer, and it’ll reward you in return!

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