How to Create Backlinks to Your Website
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From blogs to B2B business sites to massive e-commerce stores, every website has one goal in common: To get traffic.  

Not sure How to Create Backlinks to Your Website or looking for some tips on how to get more?

After all, if no one visits your website, what’s the point in having one?

There are all sorts of ways to boost traffic to your site, and one of those is with backlinks, which are links to your website posted on other websites. They are a great way to attract visitors, increase views, and boost your search rankings.

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Here are seven ways to Create Backlinks to Your Website and increase traffic.

Create Guest Blog Posts

One way to get backlinks is to post guest blogs on other people’s sites — articles that will then link back to your own page. By writing engaging, authentic blog content for other websites, you can offer value to them and give yourself more exposure at the same time.

You can find guest blogging opportunities by doing a simple Google search with a search term such as “guest blogging guidelines” or “guest blog for us.”

Another effective way is to identify sites where your competitors have posted guest blogs. If the publisher found value in your competitor’s content, they may find value in your content as well.

Just be sure that your content is high-quality and error-free. Submit poorly written content, and you’re not likely to get a second chance to post another guest blog on that site.

Use Free Google Tools

Google has all sorts of free tools to help you improve SEO, analyze data, and gather information about your business (and others).

Use the Google Search Console and select the “external links” report to see what sites have linked back to yours in the past. If you have new content, share it with those sites — they may backlink to you again.

It’s also a good idea to set up Google Alerts for your competitors. That way, every time they get a backlink, you’ll know.

If those sites accept guest posts, contact them to see if you can submit one. If that site has a particular piece of content with a lot of backlinks that you think you can improve upon, swoop in with the Skyscraper Technique.

The Skyscraper Technique starts with identifying a backlink in an existing article that you can improve upon. Then, you can pitch your own link to the publisher as a replacement (and upgrade) to the article they’re currently linking out to.

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Keep an Eye Out for Broken Links

The next time you click a link that doesn’t work or come across a page with a “404 Error” message, let the website know. Broken links drive traffic away from sites, so if you inform the publisher of their broken link, they may grant you a favor in return. (A favor called a backlink!)

When you find broken links, pitch a page on your own site as a replacement option. This is an easy and effective way to create backlinks without even having to generate any new content.

Create Info graphics

There’s a reason why almost 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube each day:

People love visual content.

But not everyone is good at creating it.

If you have the time and the talent to create great infographics, you’ll have instant leverage when it comes to getting backlinks.

Good infographics can make you a valuable resource for sites that don’t have the time or ability to create their own graphics. Infographics help to break up large blocks of written text with easily digestible visuals. Sites that don’t create their own graphics are always looking for some that they can use for free.

Once you have a great infographic, share it and promote it as much as possible. Other sites may consider it value-adding content for their own site and give you a backlink in return.

Form Partnerships Based on Outbound Links

The internet is a you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours culture. Just think about how many Instagram followers you have simply because you followed them first, and they followed you back in return.

Backlinks often work the same way.

Think of the websites that you link out to the most. The more you help drive traffic to someone else’s site, the more likely they are to want to steer traffic to your site in return. If you contact those sites directly, you may be able to form a partnership where you continue to link to them, and they start linking out to you in return.

Just be sure that you have substantive pages to link to. If you give backlinks to high authority sites, they’ll only give you backlinks if you have high-quality content as well.


Help a Reporter Out connects journalists with bloggers who have insight and expertise into a particular niche or topic.

Here’s how it works:

When a journalist needs an expert source for an upcoming assignment, they post a source request. As a blogger registered with HARO, you can pitch your own content as source material for that journalist to use. If the journalist chooses you as a source, you’ll get credit in the form of a backlink.

Many journalists who submit source requests from HARO work for top-notch media companies, such as The New York Times, ABC, and Reuters. Create Backlinks to Your Website from one of these sites can help you establish yourself as an authority. And that can make it even easier to get more backlinks going forward.

Contact Suppliers and Manufacturers

Do you sell products on your website?

If so, you might be able to get a backlink from every manufacturer or brand that you promote and sell.

Almost every brand has a stockist page that lists where you can buy their product, and if you’re an authorized seller, you deserve to be on that list!

Contact every brand whose products you sell and request that they list you as a stockist or authorized dealer on their website. The more business you do together, the more likely they are to say yes.


No question — backlinks drive traffic.

So no matter what type of website you have, you can start Create Backlinks to Your Website now by:

  • Guest blogging
  • Using Google tools to identify sites that you can get backlinks from
  • Informing publishers of broken links
  • Creating infographics
  • Forming partnerships with other sites
  • Using HARO
  • Asking suppliers to list you on their website

The more sources you have for backlinks, the better. If you establish your site as a trusted voice and a source of value, before you know it, you just might have other websites trying to get backlinks from you.

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