How To Design a Website

how to design a website

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How To Design a Website – Website Design Process Steps

  1. Website Designing In Easy Steps
  2. Hosting Your website
  3. Choose the domain name
  4. Planning your website
  5. Designing Stairs
  6. Web page editors
  7. Publish website
  8. Promoting website
  9. Maintaining the website

Website Designing In Easy Steps

 Looking to build a fresh and standard website is always sound like a hard task, especially when you don’t have enough ideas over the website design. Obsessively it is true that when you need to huge site, just want to work with the professional web designer who is updated with current ideas to design website with new look and features.

Here you can follow the How to design a website with a catchy look:

 Step 1: Hosting Your website

 Web hosting is nothing but paying rent for the website such as image; document and other important resources need to show over the site. When come to the choose web hosting, it is important to go with the quality providers who have excellent customer service and provide performance for the site when come to host. Then you need to ensure the features to make easier such as automated backup s in a fine manner. You have to solid documentation so that you can solve troubleshoot a problem on your own. Before going to host the website you need to know the web designing tutorial which assists to design website.

 Step 2: Choose the domain name

 When come to pick domain names you need to ensure the Importance of website. Domain names act as friendly URL so the people can type over browser search option to your websites such as, and much more. This domain name provides a valuable branding for the site and ensure makes it simple for people to remember how to go to it. The cost of the domain names found between $8 and $35 a year so you can simply register at the many sites online.

Step 3: Planning your website

 When coming to the planning website, you need to make an important decision such as

 Type of site which needs:

 There are a number of sites such new, information site, company, and service site so you have to decide wish site which you are going to start.

 You need to identify that user will move around the site affect its major information and over the usability of the site.


 When come to design the website, then content plays the main role so you need to give special attention over when developing content. Content filled with major things such as text, images, videos and more. Before going to start the website, you need to have a clear strategy for all content which page will hold. By following expert ideas, you can simply design a website layout with the updated features and look.

 Step 4: Designing Stairs

 If you come to build a website, you need to be aware of the major stage such as

 Design basic:

 You must know exactly how to use the appropriate design and much

 Learn HTML:

 It is supported to a building block of a web page. Even though there are a number of the platform out which will code page of you? Then you have to go it better and have more flexibility and proper control when you learn the basics of HTML. Even there are a number of the web designing tutorial that assists to design a website in winning way without hiring experts.

 Web page editors:

 With the help of the different editors, you assure to get accomplish different things. Both CSS and HTML can write the simple text editor such as notepad else you can make use of the software such as Adobe Dream weaver to get some assistance with page to create. On the other hand, you may have to use a content management system like word press to build and improve the website.

  Step 5: Publish website

 If you come to publish this website, you can go with the help of different tools and other File transfer protocol software. But commonly most of the provider wishes to make use of the FTP tool so you need to go with the experts hosting to publish the website in winning way. There is the number of the Web Designing Training Company out to lead each user to know all basic thing to design the website. It helps a low to design without spending much cost.

 Step 6: Promoting website

 The best way to promote the website is via with search engine optimization. It lets the website to finding by the number of people who are searching for the best information, product, and service which site offers. Then you must ensure site as completely conform to the Search engine best practices. There is another website to promote the website like email marketing, PR, paid search marketing and word of mouth and much more.

 Step 7: Maintaining the website

 It acts as an important part of website design so that you can always keep the website more traffic and good looking. Even you can update the new standards and features which also derive more traffic at all time. With regular testing, you must produce new content over an everyday basis. You need always aim to have more content but strive to make content which must be unique. Here the SSDN Technologies is the right place for people to get training and tips to design website with all presence of all website.

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