How to Learn Azure
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When it comes to becoming a certified professional, you need to understand that the training process to become one is going to be difficult. Most of the aspirants who undergo professional courses must understand this fact and accept it wholeheartedly. Once you are able to accept the difficulty level, then and only then can you put in your hard-core efforts to make that thing happen. Let’s check more about How to Learn Azure

The above line sounds true for the Microsoft Azure certification. Azure is the cloud platform provided by Microsoft. It is the second most popular and one of the fastest growing cloud platforms that allows customers to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive and global network. It offers cloud services such as compute, storage, analytics, and networking.

What are the Microsoft Azure Certifications?

To learn about various aspects of Microsoft Azure, you can take different certification courses. These courses are meant to teach you special topics depending upon your career goal, your expertise, and your areas of operations.

There are various certifications available for learners. They can choose them based on their needs and desired career path.

  • Administrator for Microsoft Azure
  • Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Architect Technologies from Microsoft
  • Architect Design for Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps solutions.
  • Azure Security Technologies from Microsoft
  • Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure and Web Services Development

What are the benefits of obtaining Microsoft Azure Certifications?

Taking the Microsoft Azure certification will give you several benefits. A technical certification based on your expertise and background can let you enjoy the maximum benefits as a professional. Here are a few benefits.

It offers career flexibility: When you think of making a career in cloud computing, you come across different career options to choose from. Once you become a Microsoft Azure certified professional, you can become a cloud administrator, developer, security engineer, data engineer, solutions architect, DevOps engineer, etc. The certificate holder enjoys the great benefits of becoming a professional.

It offers great salary packages. The Microsoft Azure certification offers individuals a good salary package and better recognition in the market. Once you have the certification attached to your resume, you are considered a professional possessing the required skills. There is a huge demand for cloud personnel and your certification will give you an advantage in getting recruited and receiving a good salary as remuneration.

It demonstrates your worth to an organization. With proven expertise in Azure, you serve as an asset to your organization. An organization feels proud of the employees who are certified as it will help in enhancing business growth. Being a certified professional, you take action on reducing the IT costs and help in maintaining the cloud platform of the organization.

Is Azure easy to learn?

If you are looking for a straight-forward answer, then it will be a “No”. How can you imagine a certification that will let you enjoy global recognition and a good salary being easy? Of course, learning Azure is difficult, but the difficulty level depends upon several factors, such as: knowledge of the domain, experience you have gained so far, the role for which you are preparing and ready to take the exam, and the level of the exam.

The Microsoft Azure difficulty level depends upon the job role and level for which you are preparing. Always remember, anything that comes easily has no or less value. You have to put all your hard efforts into making things possible. Your learning and experience matter here. Once you have gained enough understanding of Microsoft Azure, nothing is difficult. You have to be a dedicated learner and should keep an eye on every available learning resource to get on the right track.

How can you make the learning process easy?

Microsoft Azure Certification is difficult. But if you plan properly and accordingly, you can easily move forward without getting stuck anywhere.

Here are a few tips to make learning Azure easy for you:

  • Give yourself time to learn the basics of Microsoft Azure.
  • Learn about the fundamentals of cloud computing and Azure.
  • Go through the layout of the exam and get to know its objectives well.
  • Select the best learning resources to help you pass the certification exam.
  • Find the good books, training institutes, or blogs to groom your knowledge.

Is there any path to learn about Microsoft Azure?

Yes, there it is. There are a few sources with which you can begin your learning path and become a Microsoft Azure certified professional. You can pick:

Instructor-led training: Enroll in a reputable and experienced institute and participate in instructor-led Azure training to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become certified.

Investigate self-learning theory: You can use online resources to become acquainted with technical skills. This way, you can learn at your own pace.

Practice test: Take a practice test and get an idea of what the exam will be like and what kind of preparation you need to pass it.

Microsoft Azure is hard to achieve, but not impossible. Your learning process and experience will help you clear all the hurdles that come your way.

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