How To Prepare For CEH Exam
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How to prepare for CEH exam is the question which comes on every student mind. Don’t worry we are here to clear all your doubts regarding ceh certification benefits. Currently, ethical hacking has become so popular and demanding because of two major reasons. Firstly, it offers something new and different to learn, which is very interesting and non-monotonous too. And secondly, today cyber threats has reached its peak where every day we hear about some cyber security attacks or malware/ransom attacks which has put a question mark on the cyber security tools and techniques. Mainly, because of the ever increasing demand for certified ethical hacker (CEH) who can forecast or anticipate the potential cyber threats and its root causes before it attacks and disrupts the whole system.

One such certification, whose benefits will be discussed in this blog article and which is very renowned as well is The EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker Certification. Started by the EC-Council, the CEH Certification exam was the first certification to bring the downside of IT into the limelight, since there were no certification exams earlier that taught the tools and techniques useful for hackers to penetrate computer systems.

The EC Council exam focuses on how hackers find and solve the vulnerabilities. This ceh certification by EC-Council is considered as a respected and trusted ethical certification in the IT industry. The certification is also being used as a hiring parameter for Fortune 500 Companies, cyber security practices and governments. The ceh exam cost is $450 where those students who plans for a self-study have to pay an additional $100 as eligibility application fees.

How to Get CEH v12 Certification?

It is important for you to know about ceh certification requirement and the minimum criteria for EC Council ceh exam. In order to appear in the examination you must have 2 years of security field experience. You must be thinking that how to prepare for ceh exam? For this you can also attend the official training from an EC-Council authorized institute.

CEH Exam Details:

CEH ExamCertified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
CEH Exam Code312-50
CEH Exam Cost$450 (USD)
CEH Exam Schedule240 minutes
Number of Questions125
CEH Passing Score70%


Find a Certified and Reliable Training Institute

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In order to become an expert in hacking with certification from EC-Council, it is important to reach the right training institute that has a proven track record of offering you the best platform to become an expert. SSDN Technologies is famous for delivering best Ethical hacking course in Bangalore.

Reasons to Enroll for CEH Training at SSDN Technologies

You may find a number of reputed training institutes committing of offering you world-class environment in pursuing CEH v12 training with low fee structure. But, choosing the best one is an important decision to make. Among some of the trusted  training institutes where you can get such special courses, name of SSDN Technologies comes on the top. Being a reputed IT training company, SSDN Technologies have world-class training center with on-site practical sessions. Some reasons to choose this leading platform to become EC-Council certified include:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker programs are helpful for you to immerse into an interactive environment where you will be shown how to scan, test, hack and secure your own systems.
  • This technically advanced training certifies a security professional as an Ethical Hacker and Penetration tester.
  • You will get a chance to learn how intruders escalate privileges and what can be taken to secure a system.
  • Experts at SSDN Technologies make you able through this training program to become able to guard against the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of network infrastructure and illegal hacking.
  • Our expert will bring new skills within you to make you able to understand how perimeter defenses work and led into scanning and attacking their own networks.
  • We endow you with world-class labs and intensive environments to get in-depth knowledge and practical experience with the current essential security system.

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, you will also find this course the most versatile recent and progressive course covering more than 270 attack technologies within 18 extensive modules. It is the right platform for you to improve and master your skills and become EC-Council certified ethical hacker.

CEH Certification Benefits:

1. Helps in increasing your knowledge of cyber security risks and vulnerabilities:

Cyber attackers or villains have several different ways to attack IT infrastructure and exploit the vulnerabilities to their advantage. If the organization lacks sound knowledge of the risks and loopholes associated with their computer systems, then they would have to spend a huge amount of money and hours for keeping their system safe and secure. Through this certification exam, the students will learn how the unlawful hackers assess the organization’s network to determine whether the organization is at the target of the attacker or not.

The following introductory modules within the CEH will help the students learn the above determination process and how to apply that in their business:

Module 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking.
Module 2: Reconnaissance and Foot printing.
Module 3: Scanning Networks.
Module 4: Enumeration.

The above modules are comprehensive and will serve as a strong foundation for proper understanding about the day to day cyber security vulnerabilities affecting the organizations.

2. It Will Make You Learn How to Think Like a Hacker:

Earning the EC-Council CEH certification makes the IT professionals delve into the mindset of a cyber-criminal and think in a similar manner. Usually, a company’s fight against cyber criminals starts when the harm has already been done, which involves remedies to threats and events as they occur. As it is correctly said that precaution is better than cure, implying the same in this scenario will be more valuable when the company will have an understanding of how these criminals conduct their cyber attacks and formulate their strategies. Once the company has adopted this “Think Like A Hacker” strategy, then they will be ready to take a proactive approach and pinpoint the areas which have flaws in the system.

3. Penetration Testers are not the Only Beneficiary From This Certificate:

The versatile and valuable CEH Certification is also suitable for IT security and network professionals apart from penetration testers. For a networking professional, CEH certification benefits in building and enriching his cybersecurity knowledge as it comprises of real-world and practical knowledge. Even seasoned IT security professionals can derive great value from this certification. If anyone takes a high level certification, like (ISC)2’s CISSP, then he will gain practical network security knowledge that will be beneficial when combined with the managerial skills and theory which are made through the CISSP.

4. CEH Certification Boosts the Holder’s Salary:

Getting an industry-recognized certificate stands as a validation to your technical skills, which is also a very crucial aspect that employers look when rewarding new roles. Per the data available from IT Jobs Watch, the average salary for professionals holding the CEH certification is 55,000 GBP per annum. This pay scale increases to 67,500 GBP for Penetration Tester professional and 87,000 GBP for Senior Penetration Tester professional.

5. Helps You Advance in Security Career:

Now the next big question forcing you to think without stopping has to be how to get ceh certification and start a blooming career in it. Right? Worry not, as the answer to your ‘How’ is very simple. Anyone who is already into the IT sector and has made a solid grounding for himself in the field by learning how networks work within organizations (For example- achieving some renowned and industry recognized certifications like CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications), then The CEH certification will act as a cherry on the cake, paving the way for the person to expand his knowledge of IT security and increasing his brand value. In this dual combo certification, the CEH certification benefits in making a person enhancing his knowledge of tools and techniques that are used by hackers and the Security+ certification will give him a foundation of IT security knowledge.

6. CEH Will Make You Learn to Use Real Hacking Tools:

As a beginner you might already have some knowledge about hacking tools and techniques and the ways of using it. But, to be a master in it you need a special guidance and an in-depth knowledge about these tools. To turn you into a hacking master, there is no better guidance than EC-Council’s CEH certification that aims to make its students learn how to use the tools themselves. If you have achieved mastery of the different ways in which the malicious attackers use these hacking tools, then you are ready to protect and safeguard your networks, applications or any other assets from any kind of cyber security attacks.


There is a saying that “To find a thief, one must first start thinking like a thief, then only he will be able to trace his whereabouts and keep his valuables safe.” So same is the case with cyber criminals. To be safe from them, an organization must start thinking and working like them. You must be wondering is ceh worth it? Does it hold any future value? Yes, the CEH certification is worth every single penny and minute you spend to achieve it. And, CEH certification is bound to return much more than you could expect. After reading this blog you must be clear about how to prepare for ceh? For more details on EC-Council CEH certification or ceh benefits, contact SSDN Technologies today and get all your queries and questions answered to your satisfaction.

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