Improve your Cyber Security Awareness by Joining the Right Training Institute, SSDN Technologies with Discounted Offer.

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Why October is celebrated as the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)?

October is celebrated nationwide as the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) which is an annual training campaign has been programmed to set upright cognizance about the cyber security system. Our lifestyle has been overwhelmed by this Internet era where we can do Online shopping, online banking transactions, money transfers, Bill payment, credit card payment.

But, the question is about the cyber security issues created due to the illegal or criminal hackers stealing the banking passwords. Performing safe online banking and shopping transaction, has become a most challenging task for each citizen of the India.

NCSAM has been celebrated for enhancing cyber awareness and educating people about the impact of cyber security awareness through different events and training programs. SSDN is the most advanced institute, comes with the latest tactics to prohibit cyber security attacks.

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Be secured before working on any online platform or device

Unlike various dangerous threats arising from different sources across the country, Cyber hacking can be a bigger hazardous activity towards the individual or national economic security of the country. All the major institutes of the country have been participating in proving a best Cyber Awareness Training (CAT)  and especially in October month, CAT course admission is going on at SSDN, Gurgaon with a great DISCOUNTED OFFER for NCSAM celebration.

Here at SSDN Technologies, you will have huge opportunities to learn how to tackle Cyber attackers or hackers and also, will get opportunities about learning about Ethical hacking course authorized by EC Council to become a Certified Ethical Hacker.

Why it is the best option for you to join SSDN Technologies to get Cyber Awareness Training?


As SSDN Technologies is only single authorized training partner institute of the EC COUNCIL in Gurgaon, the Gurgaon, Haryana and Delhi NCR candidates should prefer to join SSDN to improve their Cyber security skill. Here, they can also get professional training on the Ethical Hacking Courses to keep their Computer or mobile system safe and secure.

Who are eligible for this Cyber Awareness Training Program?

All children and citizens over India who are using Internet devices and performing online transactions such as Online shopping, money transfer services, working computer professionals, Net banking, online Pizza ordering, etc., are eligible to learn Cyber Security Awareness program.

Hurry up! Book in advance for DISCOUNTED OFFER for NCSAM October! Keep safe and secure your online revenue. For more details, visit or contact us on the telephone numbers mentioned on the website.

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