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Industrial training program provides the opportunity for students to get both practical training and polish their theoretical learning in an industrial environment with supervision from experts who are working in the field for many years. This is done in a specified time frame. At the end of the industrial training, the trainees become knowledgeable about the real challenges that await them in real jobs. SSDN Technologies is a pioneer in India dealing with Information Technology and has a global presence, provides six months of industrial training comprehensively with live projects in many courses. 

Benefits of Industrial Training

6 months/6 weeks industrial training plays an important role in a student’s life. This training helps them in upgrading their skills and help them is getting all the skills which are required to work in a bog reputed company. Some of the major benefits of industrial training are given below:

  • They can polish and refine their understanding to accomplish tough tasks.
  • It imparts versatility to learners.
  • It develops leadership qualities and improves communication ability by learning in an actual work field.
  • Learning comes from top industry experts in live projects in the actual industry.
  • Students become capable of handling the implementation of their theoretical knowledge in the practical field.
  • Through Industrial training, students get familiarize with the environment of an organization and a company.
  • Help the students in researches and Projects
  • Industry experts teach you in advanced technologies.
  • Students get a certificate which validates their skills and helps them in getting a job quickly.

Why is Industrial Training Necessary?

Industrial training program is necessary because it gives an edge to the theoretical learning to the pupils to metamorphose them from greenhorns to actual experts who can handle jobs in the real work field with confidence. From the student’s point of view, with industrial training, job opportunities become much more extensive. The reason is employers always want to take people who will be able to perform complicated tasks instead of people with theoretical knowledge only. It creates a new panorama for the specific learners who can visualize what they will actually have to do and also learns about the state-of-the-art technology from top specialists.

Scopes of Industrial Training

The scope and importance of industrial training are wide-ranging. Some of the benefits of industrial training to the students are:

  • Students pursuing engineering, MCA, MBA, BCA, BBA, and other IT courses can gain first-hand experience in an industrial environment and become specialists.
  • Learner’s fresh from their 12th board examination can gain beneficial practical knowledge and enter the job market, fully equipped.
  • Professionals in different fields can brush up knowledge from top experts in their particular fields.
  • People from the management and engineering sector can enhance their scope of knowledge according to company requirements.
  • As a new experience, it adds to the portfolio of a job seeker manifold.

List of Industrial Courses Provided by SSDN Technologies

SSDN Technologies provides world-class industrial training by top authorities in different courses. All the courses are divided into modular sections that are complete in themselves. There are four classes held every week, and the course material is delivered to the students. In each month, there are Project Documents (PD) and tests. Help is rendered for PD daily. Modules are complete with back up classes and project training in actual industry situations through Industrial Connect Program. This is one of the major advantages of industrial training program.

At the end of the course, all help is provided in technical matters for job interviews. After the course is completed and even during the session, vigorous placement assistance is allocated. The aspirants find the right place at the end of the course in the job market with ease. Also, after the session is finished, a training confirmation and completion certificate are provided for them to show to the world.

1)  Core Java With Advance Java: 6 months Java/ 6 weeks java industrial training is the oldest language in operation in Information Technology and functions in almost all applications. So, it is difficult to overemphasize the importance of Java industrial training in the IT field.

2)  Machine learning with Python: Machine learning with Python industrial training makes it possible for computers to learn instead of being fully programmed. Artificial intelligence is becoming the most significant thing in all sorts of fields. Thus, it is apt for those who are looking into the better future.

3)  Data analyst with Python: 6 months Industrial Training in data analyst with Python will enable the students to have a complete grasp of data analysis step by step. The ones will get to know how to explore many complex and different types of data, starting with how to prepare the data and then analyze and carry out statistical analysis to make meaningful data visualization. Data analysis facilitates the business to make the right decisions.

4)  Data science with Python: In Data science with Python Industrial training, you will learn a very effective method to record, store, and analyze data to make it handy information for business and other purposes.

5)  Cloud Computing: Cloud means internet and cloud computing is another term for all the services like the servers, storage, and different applications that goes to an organization’s computer system through the internet. So, the candidates learn all about the 6 month cloud computing / 6 weeks cloud computing course industrial program with internet services that are fundamental to all information Technology.

6)  Web designing with PHP: Web Designing With PHP Industrial Training, PHP is a vital web designing tool that does allow many things together. It functions to open, read, write, delete, or modify the data in the server. It also sends and receives cookies. PHP also encrypts the data and enables restricting users from accessing some of the web pages.

7)  Big Data Hadoop: Big Data Hadoop Industrial Training, Information technology has been revolutionized by Big Data analysis. This technology helps in a big way to improve operations and profitability of a company or organization. Hadoop is the front runner analytic tool in big data.

8)  Ethical Hacking: 6 months ethical hacking / 6 weeks ethical hacking Industrial training is essential to safeguard all the information about a firm. To do the above, the enterprize’s people bypass the system themselves to mitigate cyber threats and find weak points in the system which need to be better protected and find suitable solutions.

9)  Digital marketing: 6 months digital marketing / 6 weeks digital marketing industrial training will allow the learners to get familiar and become proficient in all the developing fields of digital marketing like search engine optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Direct Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, e-commerce, data-driven marketing, and e-commerce marketing among other new vistas.

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