Instagram Account Hacked And Ransom is Demanded Against The Release

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Instagram account hacked

Shocking but true! Yes, recently, this news had shaken the world of social media as the account of most popular Lebanese Forces Leader has been hacked by the hackers. According to the news, Samir Geagea, who is a Lebanese Politician, encounter the hack into his Instagram account. As per the reports, the hacker asks for the ransom from the politician. Though, the hack was a little incomplete as the Instagram team had responded quickly and the things are under control.

With the above instance, one thing is certain that hackers are trying every inch to make people suffer. Of course, due to the growing popularity of Social Media, hacking is quite prominent with the social accounts of popular people. But, till when this will continue? Who will make certain that the hackers fail in their attempt? Doesn’t that mean that the cyber security teams are losing their grip over the social media security bars? Well, such queries call for a specific answer.

Ethical hackers can help

To put a bar on the vulnerabilities faced by the social media accounts, it’s imperative to call for the professionals who are expert in hacking technologies. Such professionals are known as ethical hackers. These hackers own the technology tricks through which they can peep into any system or social media account and proof read the security system, ethically.

How these Hackers Work?

Ethical hackers make the use of tutorials they learn during the ethical hacking training. Such tutorials are enough to make them acquainted of the hacking tools and technologies, which direct them to break into an organization security system and beat the evil deeds of the black hat hackers.

Though, ethical hackers are provided with the guidelines similar to those of black hat hackers, they defend the organization’s system against the future hacks. They scan, test and secure the system using the most effective tools.

Be an Ethical Hacker

Ethical hackers make the use of same methods, but to fix the vulnerabilities. In addition to the group services, ethical hackers help in recovering the data, emails and documents that are inaccessible due to some or other reason. Aspirants can become an ethical hacker by taking the CEH V10 training, after which they become professionally certified to perform the hacking functions.

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With the help of ethical hacking training and certification, hackers become aware of the technology behind the hacking in addition with the responsibility of the hacker job profile. Several organizations look for the individuals who are professionally certified by the certification.

Go for the CEH training

CEH training is specially designed to give training to the professionals, who want to join the exciting profession of ethical hackers. The training will guide the aspirant on the security threats, risks, and relative measures to control the vulnerabilities.

With the growing number of data breaches and social media vulnerabilities, the requirement for the ethical hackers is increasing. This field serves a good career choice for those who want to enter into a creative and adventurous field.

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