Introduction of Linux – Difference Between Linux And Microsoft Windows

Introduction of Linux Difference Between Linux And Microsoft Windows

What is Linux?

Linux is an Operating System based on UNIX that was created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. It is free, open source operating system (Open source refers to a program or software in which the source code is available for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge.) Linux commonly used as a server, but Linux is also used in desktop computers, Smartphones, gaming consoles “From wristwatches to Supercomputer”, is the popular description of Linux capabilities.

About Linux Kernel, RHCSA, RHCE

Where is Linux?

Linux is used as a leading operating system on servers and used in big systems such as mainframe computers, Super computer. Linux OS used in the TOP 500 supercomputer. Many top companies uses Linux like GOOGLE, Facebook, Amazon, NASA, IBM, Twitter, almost company they using Linux machine as there web server etc. company using Linux machines.

Why We Use Linux?

  • In Linux we have freedom to change operating system.
  • We have choices Many Operating System is based on Linux (Ubuntu Red Hat Fedora Kali etc.)
  • Free Operating System no need to pay anything.
  • Linux is fast beautiful Operating system.
  • Have High stability will stay a long time.
  • More secure than any other Operating system like Microsoft.
  • We can Runs on any hardware platform.
  • Linux is virus free (Does not support .exe extension by defaults).
  • We can customization OS as per need.
  • Linux now comes with user friendly installation and setup programs.
  • Linux Learning can we fun if you want to learn there is no limitation for the learner.
  • We can use Linux for multiple purposes.
  • Many companies have multiple profiles based on Linux.
  • Many companies are switching Microsoft to Linux.
  • You want to explore new wide features.
  • We should use Linux because we don’t sign any agreement with Microsoft that we will use it.

Best Way To Learn Linux

Difference between Linux and Microsoft Windows?

  • Linux is freely available on the internet, for Microsoft we have to pay.
  • Linux has more security feature that you can find any other operating system.
  • Linux customization is possible, but we cannot customize Microsoft windows operating system.
  • Linux is almost virus free and we all know about virus problems in Microsoft OS.
  • Linux used everywhere from wristwatches to Supercomputer” but Microsoft has limited area.
  • Linux have stability; will not crash easily, but in Microsoft we cannot say that.
  • Linux software also freeware like open office, but at Microsoft we have to pay for Microsoft office. Linux feature updated faster than Microsoft.
  • Linux does not need to be rebooted to maintain performance levels, Windows need to be rebooted time to time.
  • Linux has single purpose programs that are not affected to other programs but in Microsoft if one will get crashed you will get error everywhere.
  • Linux support almost device drivers, but at Microsoft we need to install driver for devices.
  • Linux has different file system like ext2, ext3 ext4 xfs more reliable than Microsoft FAT NTFS
  • Linux has separate directories for each and every work, All users have a separate home directory there they can work but in Microsoft user can work anywhere.

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