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 About Java 9:

Java 9 Features with Examples: Java has launched so many versions till now and the recent version of java is java-12 which exist in market already and companies are working on it.
In every launched versions of java, it upgrade itself with so many interesting new features. Java 9 was released on September 21, 2017.

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Now, Let’s give the focus on some of the powerful features of java 9:

1. Private methods in Interfaces:

In Java, generally we used the public static abstract methods for the implementation of the java code. But as per the update in java programming in java version-9, we can also use the private methods and also private static methods for the implementation of java programming.


2. Factory Methods in Collection:

dynamically in the applications.  To implement the collection interface, mostly we have to work with the help of their implementable classes as LinkedList, ArrayList, HastSet, LinkedHashSet and as a result the code becomes lengthy, un-optimized and mutable in nature.

Factory methods has come to make the collection interface more optimized form, and immutable in nature and also they are in more readable form.



3. J-Shell:

J-Shell is one of the best feature of the java programming language to run the java program in the interactive mode. We can start the j-shell with command Prompt. J-shell doesn’t require any steps to write the code as we write the normal programming.  In j-shell we just write the code and execute the program.

How to start the j-shell:

  1. Open command prompt.
  2. Write j-shell, but before writing it, java 9 should be installed in your computer system.
  3. J-shell command prompt will be open.

4. We can directly write the steps of code.

In J-shell we can directly write and run the program without following the procedure as firstly save the program, then run the program after that execute the code. J-shell is generally used for the test cases.

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