Java V/S Python – Which Programming Is Better To Learn?

Java vs Python

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This blog on Java v/s Python will provide its readers a brief about both the programming languages and help them understand the meaning, uses and benefits of the two languages, which in future will hike up their career and make them stand out in the crowd. Currently, both Java and Python are the hottest programming languages to learn because of their versatility, efficiency and automation capabilities. Python, Java, C, C++, FORTRAN, Perl, etc., are all high level programming languages, of which Java and Python both are an object oriented programming language. But, before discovering the differences they share, we must learn what do the two languages mean and how useful they are in making a person’s career.

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What is Java?

Java programming language was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995 and runs on many platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. Java has a C/C++ like syntax, which many programmers are familiar with. Java is dynamically linked, which allows new code to be downloaded and run, but not dynamically typed. It is an independent, simple, secure, robust, interpreted, multi thread, high performance and dynamic platform, which works on a simple principle of write once run anywhere.

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What is Python?

Python is also a high level, but all in one programming language, developed by Guido Van Rossum during 1985-1990. It is a highly readable and easily understandable language, which uses simple English words very often as compared to other languages which uses punctuation. Python is termed as easy to learn and read, interactive, portable, extendable, databases and scalable language. Python has an automatic memory management.

Differences Between Java and Python

Both Java and Python share a set of similarities and differences which make a learner’s task even more difficult to choose one out of the two for his learning. But, the most common question asked by the programmers is that is Python better than Java? So, now let’s unravel the differences between the two languages based on certain factors and see which one is the best, Java or Python.

Comparison Factors Java Python
Speed Since Java is a compiled language, it is faster than Python and takes less time to execute a code. Whereas, Python is an interpreted language and determines the type of data at run time, which makes it comparatively slower.
Legacy Java legacy systems are typically larger and more numerous than Python’s legacy systems because of Java’s history in the enterprise and its a bit more verbose coding style. Due to Python’s lesser legacy problems, organizations finds difficulty for the script to copy and paste codes, which gives it a slight edge over other programming languages.
Code As compared to Python, Java is very verbose in nature.10 lines of code is required to read from a file in Java. Python is more preferable language than Java because it takes only 2 lines of code to read in Python.
Practical Agility Because of Java’s static type system and IDE’s universality in development, Java enjoys more undeviating and refactoring support compared to Python. Java is more suitable and popular for mobile and web applications. Python has always found space in the talent space and is considered to be the most favorable language for developing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and a lot more things.
Trends Not as trendy as it used to be in yesteryears, Java is still the most popular programming language by virtually any measure. On the other hand, Python has witnessed an astronomical growth, especially in developed and high GDP countries. The reasons behind this exceptional growth are developer productivity, language flexibility, library and community support, and easy learning.
Salary Where experienced engineers are concerned, Java still has upper hands over Python because it has been in use way before Python became popular. The experience professionals find Java more convenient and easy rather than shifting and learning a completely new language. Whereas, in case of fresher’s, Python has an edge over Java because its a modern day language which is easy to learn. Today, most of the jobs are related to automation and artificial intelligence which prefer Python and thus, this is why Python is gaining more and more demand in today’s scenario.
Syntax Java is more about syntax i.e. if a person forgets to add curly brackets or a semicolon at the end then his output will show as an error. Python has nothing to do with syntax because it follows indentation process which makes its code more readable.
Databases Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is deployed in Java, which is a widely used connectivity with different databases like SQL, SQOOP, etc. But, Python’s database access layers are weaker than Java’s JDBC because of which it is rarely used in enterprises.
Characteristics Java is a compiled and an object oriented language, which is statically typed But, Python is an interpreted and a scripting language, which is dynamically typed.

From the above differences no single sided conclusion can be drawn because both Java and Python have their own advantages and disadvantages, which makes Java superior than Python under one situation and vice-versa. So, which is better, Java or Python is completely the learner’s call because it depends on his knowledge, grasping capacity, his personal choice and interest towards the two programming language. We can only show them the way. If we say that Python is the future of programming language since its an emerging language, then we have to agree with the truth that Java is our present whose API’s are widely used.

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