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In the present scenario, for surviving in the competitive environment smartness is much more important than knowledge. And for enhancing this smartness, our gadgets are even getting smarter like smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, computers and smart watches too. The basis behind the functioning of these smart gadgets is an Android. Now let’s know what exactly Android is? and learn android course


Android is the operating system developed and designed by Google for the functioning of touch screen gadgets like mobiles, computers, TVs, etc. It is based on Linux and Kernel and other open source software.

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Learning Android for Career Purpose

With a hike in demand of Android app, the need of Android experts is also rising day by day. Thus the corporations are facing scarcity of the skilled and experienced manpower, because only with the academic knowledge you cannot perform well in the corporate environment. So, learn android course will prepare you with that knowledge and skill along with the experience through which you can serve your company in a much better way.

Many Institutions are providing training of Android app and designed various courses according to the need of the aspirants. In this course, the aspirants explore the comprehensive knowledge of mobile applications and Android. Under this training, the aspirants are provided with the opportunities of developing new ideas and skills for proper functioning of the devices.

Practical Knowledge is the Core

Under Android 6 weeks summer training program the candidates are provided the practical project based knowledge. The experienced industry experts and mentors discuss their experiences with the candidates and make them prepared for the various problems of the industry and to integrate in the big MNC’s.

After pursuing the short term courses, there are lots of job opportunities opened for the candidates. As the candidates with the practical knowledge and experience can face the interview confidently and easily appointed by the industries.

In Android training, the aspirants are trained in such a manner so that they can easily grab the vacancies in MNC’s. They are provided with accurate technical knowledge and skills which they are required to apply to multiple jobs.

The Android training in gurgaon generally has classes for 5 days a week and for 2 hours each. But for rapid completion of course, the duration of hours can be extended. The time schedule of these courses is flexible like Morning classes, evening classes and midday classes, so that more and more candidates can avail the advantages. The facility for weekend classes is also available for those who can’t make it on weekdays.

The courses cover the topics like Introduction of Android, installation and configuration, detailed information on various applications, Android Life cycle etc. The main emphasize of these courses is on practical training. The fee structure of these courses is quite reasonable. Those, who are looking for some exciting career opportunity and looking for a prospective career that has scope in the future, can learn android course and explore new horizons in their career.

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