‘Master Key’ Vulnerability Can Unlock Millions of Hotel Rooms – Hackers Are on Their Way

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'Master Key' Hack Opens Millions of Hotel Rooms

It’s scary, but true. Yes, hackers are on their way to unlock that hotel room, which you think, are safe, to keep your precious laptops and other accessories.

Though, hotel rooms fear of those malicious staff, which keeps on peeping through those keyholes to find out the precious belongings, hold with the customer. But, that threat was nothing in front of modern day’s hackers, who can easily gain access to those valuable and expensive stuff like your laptops, passports, etc., which you might have left behind, on your stay in the hotel.

As per the reports, ‘Master Key’ is created by the hackers, which they have used to unlock millions of hotel rooms in few seconds. It implies that your precious belongings, which you might have left in the room, while you are enjoying the vacation outside, are not safe. Anyone can access to it and use it, the way he wants.

By the time, the vulnerability had exposed, the hospitality world is playing a safe game now. Since, it has been an alarming situation, proactive measures need to be taken to prevent the misconceptions or losses.

It’s time to make ethical hacker, enter the phase. For this, the hospitality world is hiring the ethical hackers, to prevent the possible vulnerabilities and risk to their system. Ethical hackers are the one who is guided on the grounds of cyber criminals, but provided with the white hat certification to apply the techniques, in order to save the system from those bad-minded hackers.

The IT professionals, who are into the security management system, are guided with the knowledge and tricks, used to prevent the cyber criminal techniques. They will go through the certified ethical hacking training that makes them improve their knowledge of the possible risks and vulnerabilities and use the hacking tools, but to prevent the malicious activities.

Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) course helps in the way:

  • It not just makes you work as a penetration tester. It will make you think like a hacker.

  • It helps in improving your knowledge about the common vulnerabilities.

  • It helps in advancing your career as technical security personnel.

  • It will guide you in having a deep know-how of the hacking tools.

Ethical hacking course training opens up the doors to various career opportunities for the professionals. One can choose to become an intrusion analyst or forensic analyst and even a security manager, after owing a CEH certification.

The proficient ethical hacking institute Delhi prepares the candidates, who are keen to go through the world of security management systems. During the certified ethical hacking training, the learners will be guided on the advanced hacking concepts. In short, they are made to think like those ‘black hat’ hackers, but provided with the certification, to apply it in the goodwill of their organization.

In addition to the challenging job profile, the professionals will be offered with the highest pay in the IT security industry.

It is the ethical hacker, who can put a bar on the malicious activities, be whatever they are.

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