Microsoft Azure Certification Path
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With the advancement in technology, there have been growing changes in every technological platform. In 2018, Microsoft has announced significant changes in its path of Azure certification for making the certifications more role-based.

In this blog, you will come to know more about the different best azure certification for beginners. These certifications will help you to fetch a good career prospect. 

In the path of Microsoft best azure certification, Cloud Computing has now become a technological breakthrough in the 21st century. So, there has been a vast transformation of the storage system of the organizations. Now, Cloud Computing is becoming innovative in the computing world and freeing up the organization from types of issues like Low storage capacity, high operating cost, problematic maintenance, low security, to name a few.


Microsoft Azure is one of the top providers of Cloud Service in the market and is growing at a faster pace. It comes with the presentation of the unique features, high flexibility, constant innovativeness, and easy to use approach. In this way, it is gaining huge popularity in the Cloud Computing field and is also giving better employment opportunities.

If you are looking forward to starting a career in Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing, then you can work as a professional to take your career to the next level. You can also get the certified skill of a candidate for going with better job roles. Best azure certification training online is widely known and recognized these days for its range of opportunities. 

After completion of the azure certification course, the average salary for the professional certified by Microsoft Azure will be around $ 150000 and $ 250000 per annum. So, 57% of the companies are using the skills developed by Microsoft Azure professionals. They also have the valid Microsoft Azure certification in the particular cloud domain.

About Azure Certification 

Microsoft Azure certification is now becoming highly demanded in the technological field. It is being considered as the ticket to get an excellent job in the reputed MNCs. You can get the best azure certification 2020 of the Microsoft Azure for windows. It is now working as a cloud computing service created originally by Microsoft.

What are Changes and Updates in the Certification Exam?

Here you will get the idea about the planned exam changes:

Recently it has been announced the new replacement exams for Microsoft Azure. The exams that fall under this include certifications like the Azure administrator, Azure developer, Azure AI certifications, and Azure solutions architect. All these exams have been introduced for replacing the existing exams.

The certifications that will be earned by the candidates don’t have any change but the exams required for earning the certifications will be updated. There is nothing to be released outside the announcement from Microsoft’s self-updates. However, you should have a look below for a better idea.

  • Azure Administrator Associate: AZ-103 is replaced by AZ-104 to be conducted in March 2020
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate: AZ-203 is replaced by AZ-204 to be conducted on February 24, 2020
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect: AZ-300 & AZ-301 is replaced by AZ-303 & AZ-304 to be conducted in March 2020
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate: AI-100 is replaced by AI-102 to be conducted in March 2020.

The candidate must always keep in mind that certification to be earned won’t be changing at any circumstances. Only the exam that will be required for passing will change. The announcement also takes into consideration the changes in every segment of the exam process.

Trending Azure Certification 

Some of the important ones include 

  • Microsoft SQL fundamentals
  •  Microsoft Azure administrator
  • Microsoft Azure security engineer (that means associate exam is AZ 500)
  • Microsoft Azure developer (that means associate exam AZ 203)
  • Microsoft AI engineer (that is associate exam AZ100)
  • Microsoft Azure data scientist

Role-Based Certifications of Azure

For aligning the Azure certifications with the latest trending job roles in the industry and making them more industry-centric, Microsoft has now curated the certifications based on the role of focusing on the core job roles in the related cloud domain. Some of them are as follows.

Cloud administrator, cloud solutions architect, cloud developer, and DevOps engineer. Microsoft is now offering various examinations to be cleared for gaining the certifications related to Azure. There are 5 of the Microsoft certifications that are potent to get the job roles mentioned above. The certifications are then categorized under different levels. Have a look below.

Associate level certification comes with the two associate Level Examinations that the candidate must pass for earning the associate level certification.

The fundamentals level certification comes with 1 exam that a candidate must pass for earning a certification based on the fundamental level. 

The expert level certification requires passing two expert-level examinations. The associate certification is not a prerequisite but one can choose to go ahead with this and then with the expert level top azure certification.


When it comes to honing the skills and understanding of Microsoft Azure you must go ahead with it. Cloud Computing is now popular in the world and is a great platform in the IT industry. So, if you take this course at SSDN Technologies you will surely get the benefits. 

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