Top 10 Most Demanding Programming Languages in 2020


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Top 10 Programming Languages

  1. Python Programming language
  2. R Programming language
  3. Javascript Programming language
  4. Java Programming language
  5. PHP Programming language
  6. C# Programming language
  7. C++ Programming language
  8. SCALA Programming language
  9. SWIFT Programming language
  10. KOTLIN Programming language

Revolution and advancement in the world of technology has not only been exceptional, but phenomenal as well. Creation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has not just been the next big inventions, but also the game changer, which has completely changed the process of application development and user interface. All of this has been possible only because of some great and extraordinary programming languages that has made developing application or games a task which anyone can perform. With minimum time consumption, these programming languages are very easy to learn and apply.

Programming languages has made applications smoother, faster, secure and reliable to use, thus enhancing the user experience to the next level. But, what are these top programming languages that has turned the table upside down in the field of IT, creating a never increasing demand in the IT market. Worry not, we have listed below the 10 most in-demand programming languages that a person interested to make a career in IT or programming should learn in 2020. In no chronological order, the following programming languages will help you understand its importance and relevance in the industry.

1. Python Programming language

Python is the fastest growing and one of the top programming language amongst its competitors. Python Web Based Development and Python Web Based Framework like Django and Pyramid has been the most popular Framework tools offered by Python. The best thing about Python programming is that being a high level language it is easy to learn. It is the most demanded language in the market and is called the programming language for beginners since it is an open source language, which is easy to understand and comprehend.

Python language has wide application, some of which can be seen in Web & Desktop Development, Network Servers, Machine Learning, GUI Based Desktop applications, In Enterprise and Business and Data Science.
Few of the big companies, which use Python language in their operations, are Instagram, Spotify, Amazon and Facebook.

Paradigm Multi-paradigm: functional, imperative, object-oriented, reflective
Designed by Guido van Rossum
Developer Python Software Foundation
First appeared 1990; 29 years ago[1]
Typing discipline Duck, dynamic, gradual (since 3.5)[4]
Filename extensions .py, .pyc, .pyd, .pyo (prior to 3.5),[5] .pyw, .pyz (since 3.5)[6]

2. R Programming language

Designed by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka at the University of Auckland, R as a programming language was first conceived in the year 1992. R is a comprehensive and statistical analysis language, which encourages the developer to develop new ideas. R is an open source software, which works best on GNU, Linux and Microsoft Windows. Compared to Python, R is difficult to learn. The application of R programming language is in the field of Data Science, Statistical Computing and Machine Learning. It is also known as the future programming language.

Few of the top IT companies, such as Capgemini, Cognizant and Accenture has deployed R into their businesses. R learned professional can expect a starting salary package of Rs. 7 lacs per annum.

Paradigm Multi-paradigm‎: ‎Array‎, ‎object-oriented programming 
Designed by Ross Ihaka, Robert Gentleman
Developer R Core Team
First appeared August 1993; 26 years ago
Typing discipline  Dynamic
Filename extensions .r.rdata.rds.rda

3. Javascript Programming language

Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages for Front End Development and is becoming increasingly relevant to Back End Development. It is rapidly expanding in the areas of Game Development and Internet of Things (IoT). Javascript assists the developer in building a highly interactive website Javascript language is widely applied in Game Development, Web and Mobile Development and Desktop Applications.

The companies using Javascript as their programming language are Microsoft, PayPal, Groupon and Google. For a Javascript learned IT professional, the starting pay package can range between Rs. 3-5 lacs per annum.

Designed byBrendan Eich
DeveloperNetscape Communications Corporation, Mozilla Foundation, Ecma International
First appeared December 4, 1995; 23 years ago
Typing disciplineDynamic, duck

4. Java Programming language

Created by James Gosling in the year 1991, Java is the most demanding programming language, which is visible by its wide usage worldwide. The Java Virtual Machine makes the language Cross Platform compatible. It is famous for providing most number of jobs in the field of programming, which is an important reason behind its increasing popularity in the developers’ community. The best feature of Java programming language is that it is an Open Source, Robust, Platform Independent and Secured language. Since the time of its creation, Java has been applied in numerous fields, some of which are Scientific Applications, Banking & Financial Services, Web & Mobile Development and Desktop Development.

The top notch IT companies that are using Java are IBM, HCL and INFOSYS. For a Java learned programmer, the starting pay scale ranges between Rs. 5-8 lacs per annum.

Paradigm Multi-paradigm: generic, object-oriented (class-based), imperative, reflective
Designed byJames Gosling
DeveloperSun Microsystems
First appearedMay 23, 1995; 24 years ago
Typing disciplineStatic, strong, safe, nominative, manifest
Filename extensions ‎java,‎.class‎,‎.jar (file format)

5. PHP Programming language

PHP programming language has an interesting story behind its creation. It was initially developed for the purpose of maintaining personal homepage, but as per the statistics, currently it has taken over 23% of websites globally. Its other uses include creating Web pages, which are written in HTML. PHP language is mainly used to create dynamic and static websites.

Companies like Facebook, Yahoo, and Mail Chimp are using PHP programming language with full confidence. A programmer who is an expert in PHP language can expect a starting salary package between Rs. 2.5-3.5 per annum.

Paradigm‎Imperative‎, ‎functional‎, ‎object-oriented programming
Designed byRasmus Lerdorf
DeveloperThe PHP Development Team, Zend Technologies
First appearedMay 23, 1995; 24 years ago
Typing disciplineStatic, strong, safe, nominative, manifest

6. C# Programming language

C# is an object oriented and easy to learn programming language, which is fast, secured and full of rich libraries that make it the next best choice after C++. Its first version was released in the year 2001 and uses Syntax that is almost similar to C. It is fully combined with .NET and has high easy integration with Windows Operating Software. C# language can be applied in creating VR Games, Windows 8 & 10 and in Game Development.

C# is used in companies like Cyber Infrastructure Inc., Xtreem Solution and Zealous System. The starting pay scale of C# programmer is Rs 4.5 lacs per annum.

PlatformCommon Language Infrastructure
Designed byMicrosoft Corporation
First appearedIn 2000
Typing disciplinestatic, dynamic, strong, safe, nominative, partially inferred

7. C++ Programming language

C++ is considered as one of the most highly efficient and flexible to use programming language. It has created a never fading demand in the market because of its high performance and reliability. It also supports OOPS and has rich libraries. The application of C++ can be seen in Game Development, Web & Mobile Solutions, Desktop Applications and Embedded Systems.

Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft and Google are the companies that have been using C++ language in their operations with complete satisfaction. A C++ certified professional can earn Rs 4.2 lacs per annum.

Designed byBjarne Stroustrup
Developer ISO/IEC JTC1 (Joint Technical Committee 1) / SC22 (Subcommittee 22) / WG21 (Working Group 21)
Filename extensionsC,.cc,.cpp,.cxx,.c++,.h,.hh,.hpp,.hxx,.h++
Typing disciplineStatic, nominative, partially inferred

8. SCALA Programming language

Developed in the early 2000, SCALA was designed to solve the problem that we face in Java. SCALA is known to support Object Oriented and Functional programming, which can be statically typed, compiled in Java Byte Code and can be executed in Java Virtual Machine.

SCALA has wide implementation in the fields of Web Development, Data Analysis and Data Streaming. Companies deploying SCALA into their businesses are New York Times and And a SCALA master can earn between Rs 4-5 lacs p.a. as his starting salary package.

Paradigm ‎Multi-paradigm‎: ‎concurrent‎, ‎functional Programming 
Designed byMartin Odersky
DeveloperProgramming Methods Laboratory of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
First appeared20 January 2004; 15 years ago
Typing disciplineInferred, static, strong, structura
Filename extensionsscala,.sc

9. SWIFT Programming language

SWIFT is a general purpose, open source, compiled programming language developed by Apple. So, if you love using iOS apps and want to develop native iOS or Mac apps, then SWIFT is the one for you. It is influenced by Python which makes it fast, secure, easy to read and most importantly easy to learn. SWIFT language is applied for Apple App Development and Software Development.

SWIFT programming language has found acceptance in companies like Slack, Apple, and 9GAG. The starting salary package for SWIFT programmer is Rs 3.6-4 lacs per annum.

Designed byChris Lattner, Doug Gregor, John McCall, Ted Kremenek, Joe Groff, and Apple Inc. 
DeveloperApple Inc.
First appeared June 2, 2014; 5 years ago
Typing disciplineStatic, strong, inferred

10. KOTLIN Programming language

A Google endorsed now currently the most loved programming language KOTLIN was originally developed by JetBrains, which is fully operable with Java and comes with no limitations. It also supports functional programming languages. The application of KOTLIN is for Android Development, Web Development, Desktop Development and Server Side Development.

Being a newly launched programming language, KOTLIN has found usage in some big companies, like Coursera, Uber, Pinterest and Post Mates. A KOTLIN certified professional can expect a starting salary package ranging between Rs 2-5 lacs per annum.

All the above listed programming languages are trending and top 10 programming languages of the future which has garnered a spectacular student base because of a promising and prosperous career. For more information on Future programming languages 2020, contact SSDN Technologies today and get all your queries answered to your satisfaction.

Designed byJetBrains
Typing disciplineInferred, static, strong
First appeared 2011
Typing discipline Inferred, static, strong
Filename extensions.kt.kts

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