What’s New in CEH v11? Everything You Need to Know

about cehv11

CEH v11 provides knowledge about the latest Malware analysis. Besides, there are tactics for the ransomware, banking, as well as financial malware. Besides, there are also other options like the IoT botnets, OT Malware analysis, Android Malware, as well…

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Top 5 Reasons to Get AWS Certified Right Now

Reasons to Get AWS Certified

Certifications always present acquit to competence. However, the AWS certificate is definitely worth the course. When you learn the AWS course you can rest assured that you will get plenty of advantages. In this article, you will come…

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Top 8 Data Science Tools Everyone Should Know

Artificial intelligence is playing a major role in making tasks and life easier. Besides, it works for fetching the interest of data science. There’s a requirement of the tools that will be working perfectly and in an authorized…

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Advanced Java Tutorial- A Complete Guide for Advanced Java

Advanced Java Tutorial

These days, IT professionals are looking for opportunities to gain knowledge of advanced features related to the Java language syntax and SDK. With this course, they can refine their skills. The advanced knowledge helps in building and compiling…

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An Introduction to Cockpit and How to Install Linux Cockpit

how to Install Linux Cockpit

Linux Cockpit is used to provide a web interface, through which we can manage the entire Linux machine in GUI (Graphical user interface). It provides a user-friendly interface to manage machines from anywhere in the network. It’s very…

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A Complete Citrix Certification Guide – SSDN Technologies

citrix certification guide

Similar to some other enterprise software companies, Citrix also recognizes the value of certification to both the IT professionals and customers under it. The company also supports the motive of providing a comprehensive Citrix certification program. It will…

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Test Automation Strategy: How to Build a Good Test Automation Strategy?

test automation strategy

Manually repeating tests become too costly and time-consuming. When created, the automated tests run over & over again at no extra expenditures. They are faster than a manual test. The test automation strategy refers to the Framework for…

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10 Reasons Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Move

scope of big data analytics

Big Data Analytics tools and the relevant techniques are in demand due to their importance in the big data-based businesses. Organizations now get new opportunities for gaining new insights to run the business efficiently. A company that holds…

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DevOps Tutorial for Beginners | Introduction To DevOps

devops tutorial for beginners

Before DevOps, the working pattern of the development and operation team was conducted in isolation. Deployment  and testing used to become time-consuming issues than actual build cycles. With the origination of DevOps, members started getting flexibility in teams…

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Top Digital Marketing Tools You Should Know

Top Digital Marketing Tools

Now you can get the achievement of your goals and scale your business faster with high-quality digital marketing tools.  Online marketing tools are sometimes hard to start. But, these new tools for digital marketing platforms require only the…

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