Popular certifications in digital marketing
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Want to prove your marketing proficiency with the help of digital marketing certifications? Check out the most Popular Certifications in Digital Marketing that are worthy.

Those who want to enjoy long-term career benefits in the marketing field or those who are looking for a pay raise in their current job profile should earn the digital marketing certificate to make that big difference. When potential clients or companies look for the most prospective candidate for their company, your skills and knowledge after such certifications will certainly help you land the best job title.

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Also, having a certificate will help in showcasing your expertise in the said field. Also, you will be updated with all the trends and changes that occur in the marketing field. Once you have made up your mind to upgrade your career with such digital marketing certifications, the very next question that arises is how to get certified in digital marketing and which Popular Certifications in Digital Marketing is best for you?

To begin with, let’s check out how you can become a digital marketing certified professional?

How do you Get Certified in Digital Marketing?

When it comes to taking some sort of certification test, most working professionals have one common issue: they don’t have time to sit back and take those classes.

You can easily level up your marketing skills without even stepping outside your home. It’s just a click away and you can start learning the basics and advanced concepts that will help you boost your career.

There are several online training courses that will let you get a grasp of the related digital marketing concepts that you can finish in a few hours or on weekends.

If you are in doubt as to where to begin the training course, you can take help from the list of some popular digital marketing certificate courses.

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Popular Digital Marketing Certifications

Among the many, here are some of the popular digital marketing certifications with which you can kick start your journey.

Google Analytics Certification: For online creators, Google analytics is something that they can rely upon. When it comes to managing heaps of data with loads of settings to configure, Google Analytics comes to help. You can take up any course to do the certification. You can begin with Google Analytics for Beginners, Advanced Google Analytics, Google Analytics for Power Users, or any of a number of other options. The course is free and all it asks is dedication and time to learn and grasp the concepts.

Google Ads Certification: If you are looking forward to displaying your talent when it comes to Google Ads, they have a certification for you as well. This certification will boost your skills and knowledge of creating impressive, engaging, click-through ads that will bring conversions.

Certification is available in Google Ads Search, Google Ads Video, Google Ads Apps, and Google Ads Display. Basically, all such courses will let you learn how to build and optimize search engine campaigns and how to generate customers through ads. This certificate, when completed, is valid for one year. Every year, you have to take the assessment and renew the certificate.

HubSpot’s Inbound Certification Course: This certification course is meant to teach you about inbound marketing and how it can boost your marketing efforts. Those who are working in marketing or sales and inbound professionals can actually gain a lot from this certification course. HubSpot is known for its valuable content and its certification is also worthy.

HubSpot’s Social Media Marketing Certification: Want to learn the tactics to improve your inbound social media marketing strategy that can help you with increasing conversions and having a healthy relationship with customers? This HubSpot’s social media marketing certification course will teach you new skills that will let you develop a social media strategy, extend your reach on social media, and maintain continued success on social media.

Facebook Blueprint: You can also take Facebook’s own certification course named “Facebook Blueprint”. This certification helps people demonstrate their proficiency when it comes to using the Facebook platform. It certainly helps a candidate’s credibility and allows him to work as a Facebook page manager or someone who knows how to manage Facebook groups and Ads.

Such a course is suitable for digital marketing associates and marketing sales professionals.

Semrush Digital Marketing Certifications: Semrush can offer you a tool or certification course to let you learn the tactics to optimize your content. You can either take a course in SEO, content marketing, or even in PPC and social media marketing. Semrush provides you with comprehensive course training as well as the option of testing your knowledge by taking an exam.

There are so many certifications available online. Sometimes, it becomes really hard to decide which one is best for you. You should check out what your career demands and which skills and knowledge can actually help you to pace up your career.

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