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In the comparison between Python vs Java, it’s sometimes hard to find the best option to start learning with. Though both languages are used for web development, each has its pros and cons.

Both Java and Python are popular programming languages that are known for their specialized coding efforts in web and application development. Each language is well-established and comes with a large and supportive community to provide the necessary assistance to the developers. On one side, Python is simple and easier to learn, and on the other, Java is considered the faster language among the duo. Both are general-purpose and object-oriented languages and widely used for different types of applications.

Though Java appeared first in the list of programming languages, one shouldn’t learn it first. If we take a deep dive into the comparison between the two, we will find many factors such as speed, scalability, security, simplicity, etc. that influence our conclusion.

To decide python vs java: which of the two is better, let’s make a quick comparison. But before that, know what Java is and what Python is all about.

What is Java?


Java is the oldest programming language compared to Python. It is the most popular programming language among web developers and other coding professionals in the world. It is a general-purpose and object-oriented compiled language that is known for its speedy coding.

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It is widely used in web development, big data, and Android app development. Also, it had proven its existence in enterprise web applications and microservices. Some of the big names that are known for using Java in their applications are Google, NASA, and Facebook.

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What is Python?


Python is one of the simplest programming languages and has been ruling the programming world for more than two decades. It is widely known for the simplicity and ease of learning it offers coders. It is an interpreted language that helps in interpreting each and every line for each command execution.

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It empowers the developers to employ a variety of programming styles that help in creating a number of programs. It is flexible and is used for both back-end and app development. By now, it had been used to develop several digital platforms and tools that we use on a daily basis, such as YouTube, iRobot machines, and Google search.

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Python vs Java – Difference between Java and Python

Let’s take a quick peek into the differences between Java and Python programming languages.

  • Java is a general-purpose language that runs everywhere, while Python is a high-level language that comes with code readability and short syntax.
  • Java is a compiled programming language that can easily be compiled on any platform, while Python is an interpreted and object-oriented programming language that can easily be compiled on the Linux platform.
  • Java supports all the key functional programming concepts, while Python provides support for functional, imperative, and procedural programming paradigms.
  • Java needs to make extra efforts to provide the code readability feature to the programmer, while Python already has the advantage of providing the coder with the facility of code readability by making the code base clean, readable, and concise.
  • Java tends to have core, integration, and user interface libraries. On the other hand, Python possesses a comprehensive standard library with numerous Python packages.
  • Java is called faster because it processes just-in-time compilation, which helps run the software faster. Python execution speed, on the other hand, increased with the implementation of programming languages.
  • Java is said to offer robust frameworks and development tools needed for mobile app development. Python, on the other hand, does not do any such thing.
  • Java is used for projects such as network security and fraud detection, while Python can be used for scientific computing and artificial intelligence projects.

Which one is Better to Learn?

Since we are done with the definition and differences between Java and Python, it can be concluded that both the languages are relevant for the future.

Python is good for beginners who are new to coding. Its syntax is simple to read and write and easy to understand. Developers in their initial years of learning can find Python quite helpful and easy to learn. It also provides useful support for several libraries for developers working on applications or web development.

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Similarly, Java is an open-source programming language that has the ability to sort out performance issues more efficiently. It is said to have the perfection needed to build a clear and consistent code using complex syntax.

If you have to choose between the two, you can do so by looking at your preferences for what you want. Both are powerful in their areas of operations, and you can make the wisest choice between the two by looking at your career aspirations. Even the job market for both is showing clear signs of growth. Thus, choose wisely.

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