SAP Tutorial For Beginners
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Want to learn about SAP ERP technology? In today’s market, SAP is the top-most ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) module. Here is the sap tutorial for beginners is and how it is advantageous for professionals.

What is SAP?

SAP, i.e. System Applications and Products in data processing, is also known as ERP, i.e., Enterprise Resource Planning software. The system application module associated with SAP is fully functional to accommodate the business development applications and their management. Sap is known to be the best ERP application till now, and it has touched the lives of various users in 125 countries.

SAP is known for developing enterprise software that is used to manage business operations and help establish customer relations. Its is widely popular for its ERP software services. All around the world, SAP enterprise application software is preferred to empower the next level of business development applications. Let’s read here about sap tutorial for beginners

What is The Need for SAP?

There are a few reasons that will put the limelight on the points as to why there is a need for sap tutorial for beginners.

  • ERP SAP is said to provide the necessary support for the business integration process in an organization.
  • It helps in improving financial or capital planning. It also helps in initializing organizational strategies and planning.
  • SAP is known to offer speed in the decision-making process.
  • It helps in extending the business network and guides it in widening the domains, helps in product expansions and reaches the prospective customers, partners, and suppliers’ expectations.
  • SAP also helps in identifying the risks associated with the operations and improving the governance.
  • It helps in protecting the enterprise against data breaches and information leakages.
  • SAP initiates quick adaptation to any changes in the organization’s business application process as per the need.
  • It also helps in reaching the long-term profit targets that impact the customer base positively.

SAP architecture

SAP R/3 is a three-tier architecture consisting of database, application, and user-interface servers. Let’s read about the servers in a little detail.

Presentation servers: these serve to help in creating the system’s capable graphical interface. In SAP, the ERP supports user interaction purposes and that too, with the help of a graphical user interface. You can see some examples of such servers in the form of desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Application server: The application server will house the specialized system devices, such as multiple CPUs and a variety of RAMs. The layer included in the application server is known as the base layer, and almost all the SAP application programs are executed on this basic layer. This layer helps in establishing communication between the presentation and the database layer.

Database servers: These servers are said to contain specialized system applications using fast and larger hard-drives. This serves to work towards storing the data. The data stored can be of any type. It can be business data, SAP tables, SAP system data, or SAP programs. Examples of database servers are Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Sybase, PeopleSoft, IBM DB/2, and Siebel.

What is The Name of SAP Modules?

The SAP ERP modules are loaded with various functional modules that play the role of providing transaction execution for key business applications. Some of the modules are:

  • Financial accounting module (FI)
  • The financial supply chain management module (FSCM)
  • Materials Management module (MM)
  • Controlling module (CO)
  • The Sales and Distributions module (SD)
  • Production planning module (PP)
  • Logistics Execution module (LE)
  • Plant maintenance module (PM)
  • Quality management module (QM)
  • Project systems module (PS)
  • Human Resource (HR) module

What are the Advantages of SAP ERP?

Here are a few advantages that you gain when you use SAP ERP software.

It helps in improving alignment of strategies and business operations. As such, SAP helps in running the enterprise according to the defined strategy and planning. It helps in accessing the right information and pursuing business opportunities proactively. SAP begins the process of aligning workforce and organizational objectives in order to achieve corporate goals. It also includes appointing the right person to the right job.

It helps in improving productivity. SAP leverages self-service and runs analytics all across the organization. Its help in improving operational efficiency and productivity by taking the necessary steps.

It helps in reducing costs by increasing flexibility. SAP offers an enterprise service architecture that results in improved process standardization, efficiency, and adaptability. That initiates and extends transactions, information, and collaborates on the functions that result in a broader business community.

It helps in reducing the risk associated with complex business decisions. SAP meets the needs of every business organization and supports them with the best business applications.

It helps in improving financial management. SAP helps in gaining deep visibility in your organization with complete financial functionality that is followed by business analytics to help in better decision making.

To up skill yourself in SAP ERP you need to join the best sap training in gurgaon

In today’s business market, the SAP ERP module is highly popular and ruling other programming applications. For this reason, several big firms are employing people with SAP knowledge. Thus, it had good scope.

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