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Before starting anything new, it is always recommended to keep the base or the basics strong to help build a sound and sustainable structure or a career. Similarly, before finding answers to Selenium tricky interview questions, we will first learn the meaning and use of Selenium tool to make the understanding of its advanced levels easy.

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So what is Selenium? Invented by Jason Huggins in 2004, Selenium is a cross-platform and portable automation testing framework. Selenium as a cross-platform framework means a Selenium script written on one operating software say Mac can run on other supported operating systems like Linux, Windows, etc.

Without the need of making any changes. Whereas, portable framework means a script created for a desktop based device can run on different supported devices such as tablets, mobile phones, etc.

The use of Selenium is to write automation scripts for testing web applications. This improves productivity and quality and thus, reduces efforts required in conducting manual testing.

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Here, in this blog article, we have included questions on all elementary, intermediate and advanced Selenium interview questions that are commonly asked in a Selenium interviews. So, following are the few selected Selenium interview questions asked in companies that are frequent on every Selenium interviewer’s list, some of which are important too.

Q 1.) What is Automation Testing?

The process of automating the manual process to test an application/system under test is known as Automation Testing or Test Automation. A separate testing tool is used in automation testing, which helps its users to create test scripts which can be executed repeatedly without any manual intervention.

Q 2.) What are the benefits of Automation Testing?

Following are the benefits of using automation testing-
● It supports execution of repeated test cases
● Automation testing helps in saving time and money
● Testing improves accuracy, which reduces human generated errors.
● It enables parallel execution
● Assists in testing a large test matrix
● It encourages unattended execution

Q 3.) What are the reasons for selecting Selenium as a test tool?

The reasons for selecting Selenium as a test tool are as follows-
● Selenium is a free and open source tool
● Selenium has a cross browser compatibility like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.
● Test tool also provides a great platform compatibility, such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.
● It supports multiple programming languages, which includes Java, C++, Ruby, Python, Pearl, etc.
● Selenium has a regular and fresh repository developments
● It also supports distributed testing.

Q 4.) Define different Selenium components?

Selenium has been designed to encourage and support automation testing of some functional features of web based applications and a wide range of browsers and platforms and Selenium is also called Suite, since it offers a package of several testing tools. This Suite package comprises of the following sets of tools-

● Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Selenium IDE acts as a record and playback tool, which is distributed as a Firefox Plugin.
● Remote Control (RC): Selenium RC is a server that helps users in creating test scripts in the desired programming language. It also permits executing test scripts within the huge spectrum of browsers.
● Selenium WebDriver: Here, there is a direct communication between Selenium WebDriver and the web browser, where the WebDriver uses its native compatibility to automate.
●Grid: The use of Selenium Grid is to distribute the test execution on multiple platforms and environments simultaneously.

Q 5.) What are the testing types supported by Selenium?

Two types of testing are supported by Selenium, which are-
1.) Regression Testing
2.) Functional Testing

Q 6.) State the limitations of Selenium.

Selenium has the following limitations-
● Web based applications Testing is supported by Selenium
● Mobile applications Testing is not possible using Selenium
● Testing of Captcha and Barcode readers are not possible using Selenium
● Reports can only be generated with the help of third party tools like TestNG or JUnit
● Prior programming language knowledge is expected to be possessed by the user.

Q7.) Define Selenese?

The language which is used to write test scripts in Selenium IDE is known as Selenese.

Q 8.) When is Selenium IDE used?

Out of all the tools within the Selenium package, Selenium IDE is the most simplest and easiest of all. It is exceptionally easy to learn because of its record and playback feature with minimal acquaintances to any programming language. Selenium IDE is considered as an ideal tool for a naive user.

Q 9.) What are locators in Selenium and name the different types of locators in Selenium?

The locator can be defined as an address that created to identify a web element uniquely within the web page. So, in order to identify web elements accurately and precisely, different types of locators has been created in Selenium that are as follows-
● ID
● CSS Selector
● Name
● PartialLinkText
● TagName
● ClassName
● LinkText
● Xpath

Q 10.) Which is the latest Selenium tool and what do you mean by Selenium 1 and Selenium 2?

The latest Selenium tool is “WebDriver.”
Individually, Selenium RC is called as Selenium 1 and collectively, WebDriver and Selenium RC are commonly known as Selenium 2.

Q 11.) Differentiate between Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, and WebDriver?

1. Browser Compatibility
2. Record and Playback
3. Server Requirement
4. Architecture
5. Object Oriented

Selenium IDE
1. Selenium IDE supports only Firefox since it comes as a Firefox plugin.
2. Record and playback feature is present in Selenium IDE.
3. Starting any server before executing the test scripts is not required in Selenium IDE.
4. Selenium IDE is based on JavaScript framework.
5. It is not an object oriented tool.

Selenium RC
1. A varied range of versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Goggle Chrome, Internet Explorer and are supported by Selenium RC.
2. Record and playback feature is absent in Selenium RC.
3. Starting any server before executing the test scripts is required in Selenium RC.
4. Selenium RC is also based on JavaScript framework.
5. It is a semi object oriented tool.

Web Driver
1. Along with a varied range of versions of Mozilla Firefox, Goggle Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera, WebDriver also supports HTMLUnitDriver, which is a GUI less or headless browser.
2. WebDriver also lacks playback and record feature.
3. To execute the test scripts, starting any server is not required in WebDriver either.
4. Browser’s native compatibility is used by WebDriver for automation.
5. It is purely an object oriented tool.

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We hope that this blog article on best Selenium interview questions will help you prepare best for your Selenium interview. Though the above questions are not exhaustive, but are comprehensive that will surely give you an overall understanding of the tool. For more information please contact SSDN Technologies as we are a pioneer in providing technical services and training of all kinds.

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