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Unfortunately, a small business can be easily drowned out in the online marketplace. Fortunately, an SEO copy writing can be your secret weapon for better search engine rankings, credibility, and sales leads.

As a marketing specialty, SEO copy writing has moved far beyond mechanically inserting SEO keywords into website content. Today, Google’s search algorithm discerns the quality of content as well as the match between content keywords and search queries. Keyword insertion still matters but is less important than it was. However, content quality is more important than ever, and not just for SEO. This means that SEO copywriters not only must know the fundamentals of SEO, but also must understand the fundamentals of writing high-quality copy.

What Is High-Quality Copy?

Unsurprisingly, Google defines content quality the same way human website visitors do. This stands to reason because Google wants to deliver search query results that meet the user’s increasingly high expectations. The main components of high-quality web page content include:

high-quality web page content

  • Credibility. Does the content convey expertise and experience? Does it establish the trust a prospect needs to make a sales inquiry or place an online order?
  • Relevance. Is the content on the page completely relevant to the search query? If not, prospects will not find the information they seek and perhaps infer the company is trying to trick them into buying something else entirely.
  • Engaging style. Website visitors, especially those accessing content from mobile devices, prefer an informal writing style that keeps things simple and to the point — they just don’t have time to sift through jargon, lengthy sentences, and long digressions.
  • Accuracy. Grammatical errors and stylistic shortcomings are tip offs that the company may not be trustworthy, competent, or careful with details.
  • Originality. Borrowing or outright plagiarizing content is of course a major negative.

Google boils the equation down to E+A+T (Expertise + Authority + Trustworthiness). Does your website content meet these standards? For most small business websites, it does not. A competent SEO copy writer can bring your on-site content up to standard, which will not only improve search rankings, but also improve your brand perception and thus help generate more and better leads.

SEO Copy writing for Link building

Another very important way an SEO copy writer can propel your business forward is creating and marketing content for SEO link building campaigns. For most small businesses, nothing is as valuable as building a strong backlink profile — that is, links from authoritative websites pointing back to the pages of your website.

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Google’s entire search algorithm, its formula for ranking web pages, relies heavily on backlinks and always has. To Google, links are the ultimate signal of high-quality content: if relevant, prestigious websites link to your content, why then, you must be pretty darn good!

The problem is, unlike big businesses with recognizable brands, most small businesses have very few back links. If you can create them, you may be able to put enormous distance between your website content and that of the competition — especially if you compete against other small businesses. And, if you compete against larger ones, building a great link profile will keep you in the SEO game and maybe even find weaknesses to exploit.

The best way to earn links is by writing articles published on authoritative websites or blogs with links back to your site. Publishers are thirsting for fresh content, and guest articles are an extremely common way for publishers to keep publishing. However, a professional SEO copy writer is needed to create articles with the high level of quality top publisher’s demand.

Furthermore, a professional SEO copy writer can handle the more technical aspects of SEO content creation, such as the proper keywords to target in the article, the appropriate anchor text for links, meta description copy writing, and title tag composition, to name but a few.

Last but definitely not least, an SEO copy writer understands the best websites and blogs to target for article publication. This is a major issue: links from good websites produce the best SEO results, while links from bad websites produce marginal results or can even reduce your rankings.

Put it all together and it boils down to this: If you want more leads, SEO is a great way to get them. And perhaps the only way to succeed in SEO is with a great SEO copywriter on your team.

Aaron Wittersheim

Author bio: Aaron Wittersheim is Chief Operating Officer at Straight North, an Internet marketing agency. He has helped startups, middle-market firms and Fortune 500 companies improve organizational structure and grow through his expertise in process conception, task automation, technology, and internal project management.

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