Shiksha Bharti Award
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Only Right capabilities, Right People, Right Technologies and Right Process is the key to upskill professionals and their career

This year, the Indian Achiever’s forum honored Simran Kaur, the Business Head of SSDN Technologies, for her marvelous work in the education sector. She has been awarded with the “Shiksha Bharati Award” that commemorates her exceptional work performance in the education sector that helped in boosting the IT sector. SSDN Technologies became the humble recipient of the prestigious “Shiksha Bharati Award” for the year 2021 for their meritorious inputs made in the IT sector and education sector.

Shiksha Bharti Award to SSDN Technologies

Nothing beats hard work that pays off handsomely. When you are honored with the most prestigious award of the year, you feel motivated to do more. Also, when someone does exceptional work, it should be commemorated.

Following the above lines, the Indian achievers forum takes the charge of honoring people from different professions for their exceptional work in different categories. The forum brings together individuals, businessmen, educationalists, activists, entrepreneurs, etc., at a common place and felicitates the people with the Achiever’s award. The awards are categorized into 20 categories, which are aimed at honoring people of Indian origin on both national and international platforms for their outstanding work.

SSDN Technologies was established to leverage the technologies and capabilities that are important for continued success in the IT sector. We are the premier educational wing that supports the IT training program that aims to prepare professionals and freshers worldwide.  We offer numerous courses, right from initial training to professional certifications, which are duly supported by its technology partners such as VMware, Microsoft, EC Council, Citrix, and many more.

We have created more learning opportunities for the learners and help them fulfill their career goals with the help of the right training available in the most accessible mode. SSDN Technologies is known for creating tailored solutions that identify the skill gaps and deliver end-to-end learning and development programs that result in improving the capability per excellence.

Despite the unforeseen conditions created by the coronavirus, SSDN Technologies has created a niche in offering quality education through an online mode of learning. We have created breadth and depth into the subject matter that allows expertise to the professionals through learning design, technology and capabilities. SSDN Technologies is known for offering a wide range of digital and customized training programs for the professionals and consulting solutions for corporate as well.

Having recognized this, the Indian Achievers Award awarded SSDN Technologies for its wonderful efforts in boosting the nation’s education sector.

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