6 Month Industrial Training
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What is our foremost need when we are about to complete our university education? Do we need to get some insight into our proposed career path? Yes, a hand on experience and familiarity with know-how about our subject field in which we are gonna craft our career path helps on a large scale. An industrial training is for the reason the best way possible to make some advancement in our practical skillset and become familiar with work ethics. These days, we hear about 6 Month Industrial Training Programmes, a short duration effective practical mean for validating our skills and learn tools and techniques well in advance.
For the students in their university bachelors, need industrial experience, knowledge about workplace demands and work ethics. Colleges usually arrange internship programmes for their students with the reputed organization as an Industrial Training with the purpose to add some extra to their knowledge base.

Who needs to join Industrial training?

Tech aspirants who are still in their university graduation can harness best of Industrial Training. The very purpose of Industrial Training actually suites the need and demands of graduate students who will start their professional career in immediate future. Students in their finals of Computer science and Information technology bachelors should join the industrial training. The candidates who have experience and need to validate their skills may also join for building a strong foundation and possessing credentials to be a certified professional.

Which SSDN Technologies Provides Industrial Training

The enlisted below are 6 months industrial training courses you can join at SSDN Technologies –

Dot Net: Being a .NET programmer, you can help businesses to grow to build safe and secure apps with inbuilt windows authentication.

Web Development: Today in a digital world the web developers find utility for themselves for a reason as website development and programming therein has become immensely important.

Web Designing: Attractive websites appeal the visitors and effectively promote the product and services which eventually helps in expanding the customer base. Web designers are in demand for the reason.

Core Java + Advance Java: Every business needs customized apps and Java is the best, platform-independent programming language. Certified Java programmers have great demand in the market.

Core Java + Android: Android application development is simplified to a large extent with Java. Become a Java programmer to develop valuable innovative Android apps.

Linux: World’s best open source operating system provides you vast opportunities. Become a certified Linux System Administrator (LSA) to tap extensive opportunities

PHP: A programming language that is used to create dynamic web content offers you a great Avenue in IT career. Opt for the PHP Industrial Training to be a successful IT professional.

SSDN Technologies Could Be Your Best Training Partner Why?

There are certain advantages by getting associated with a reputed institute. Apart from the curriculum, we will always get some extra from such good training centers. SSDN Technologies, a leading IT and process management training institute in Gurgaon provides a quality 6 Month Industrial Training for IT aspirants in various IT Certification Program.
SSDN Technologies is a place where pedagogy is somewhat a broad concept. A standard methodology of teaching always appeals to the participants and what exactly you find at SSDN Technologies. Well-equipped labs make the learning experience a great one. There is a strong success trail in terms of placements for the candidates who successfully complete the certification course at SSDN Technologies.

A Few Highlights of the 6 Month Industrial Training

• 4 Months Training + Live projects + E-Books
100% Placement Assistance for Top 4 Performers
• 2 days personality development session (Special focus on Interview Preparation)
• Assured Job Assistance
• 1-year Free Membership forpractice sessions
• one year Free Login for exam practice on SSDN Technologies online portal
• Training will be delivered by highly experienced trainers
• 5% referral discount in a course fee
10% discount on on-the-spot and group admissions

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