Software testing tutorial for beginners
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Today, our whole world of technology is dependent on three major things, such as the human being, hardware, and software. Not even this: electronic gadgets have progressed from simple toys to large, complex machines. Even a simple fault can disturb the working of a device or machine. It is very important that the software is installed properly and is running in good condition.In this blog, you will learn about the Software Testing Tutorial For Beginners.

From this Software Testing Tutorial For Beginners, you will get to know the basic and advanced concepts of it. It has been designed especially for beginners and professionals. Before the deployment of any software, it is very necessary to test software as it is a widely used technology. In this Software Testing Tutorial For Beginners, there are different levels and boxes to understand.

What is software testing?

Considering all the attributes, software testing is the only process that demonstrates software correction functionality and even evaluates the software components’ execution to get to know the errors or faults.

Attributes of software

  • Portability
  • Reliability
  • Reusability
  • Scalability
  • Usability

For the fitness of the software, it provides an independent view and objective. It involves testing for the required services and also verifying the requirements’ satisfaction. The client will also get information on the quality of the software. Similarly, if the software fails due to a lack of testing at any point, it will not be deployed to the end user.

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What is Testing?

For determining the correctness of the application running, it acts as a group of techniques which are under a predefined script. The purpose of testing is to detect the reasons behind the failure of applications so that they can be corrected. The only purpose of testing is to get information about whether the software is working properly or not.

All the problems are being checked by the means of mechanisms, and testing will provide a comparison between the state and behavior of software. Past versions are included in this mechanism, like relevant standards, the same specific product, interfaces of expected purpose, and comparable products etc.

Testing also includes code execution and examination in different conditions and all examining aspects. Today, in the software development scenario, for correction of the process in software development, the team of testing is kept separate from the other team of software development.

Each and every software success depends on the end user’s customer satisfaction, strong functionality load tests, etc. Therefore, whenever any software is being manufactured, it would be kept in mind whether it fulfills the customer’s requirements or not.

It is important to take care that the software installed on the system meets the set standards. Make sure that the system is virus or error free. The purpose of software testing is to get to know the capability of the running software and whether it has fulfilled the requirements of the end user or not.


  • Quality improvement
  • Measurement of software capability
  • Validate and verify
  • generate information
  • generate estimates

Future Upsides of Testing

  • Due to the proliferation of software, its demand for the future is very high.
  • It has a well-defined career path for beginners.
  • For other career paths, transferable skills are provided as well as excellent knowledge.
  • In workload, every time there will be variety, as no two projects are the same.
  • The certifications will accelerate your career progress.

Software Testing Type

There are various types of testing available on the market for testing the application or software, such as:

Manual testing: Without the help of the automation tools and to fulfill customer needs, the process function of checking an application is manual testing. Whenever any manual testing is being done on any software or application, there is no need to have tool specific knowledge, but you could have proper knowledge of the products so that a testing report can be generated easily.

There are three types of manual testing categories, such as:

  • White box testing
  • Black box testing
  • Gray Box testing

Automation testing – With the help of programming languages and automation tools, the cases of manual tests are being converted into test scripts successfully. It also helps in increasing the speed of the testing method without any human effort and executing the test scripts in the proper manner.


One should have basic knowledge of computers, maths, and languages before starting to learn software testing. At the present time, the testing stage is still developing. Rather than thinking of it as a science, it is an art. So many testing methods and techniques are being utilized, which are served for different purposes. With the help of expert analysts and computer scientists, towards the demand for testing and thinking of it as a science and well defined career paths is being seen for the candidates in the future.

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