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Having the skill to generate a summary of any blog or paper is compulsory for a student as well as for a writer. The reason is both have to do research for making their work authentic and reliable. Writers often have to create summaries when writing excerpts for their articles/posts and when writing meta descriptions. Let’s know most recommend summary generator tool

It is not an easy task to generate a summary of the given text. A person has to be proficient in multiple areas of writing to get better results. For instance, you have to be good at understanding as well as summing up the entire content to generate a summary.

If you are not good at generating a summary of the text and want to complete this task quickly, there’s no need to worry. We have enlisted the 3 best summary generators in this post that can help you out.

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Why It is Important to Use a Summary Generator Tool ?

This is a question that could be confusing many writers and students.

Do you know how much time it will take to generate a summary of a thousand words of content? It takes almost an hour of hard work and concentration.

What if a writer is unable to focus for such a long time, or if a student has a short deadline? It will be not possible to generate a summary in such a condition. This is where you will find a summary generator useful choice to go with.

A summary generator tool will help you in getting a summary of your text within seconds. Here are some of the benefits of using these types of tools instead of generating a summary manually.

  • They will save you time.
  • A summary generator will select and use meaningful sentences from the content
  • They enable every student or writer to use it even without being proficient in the subject
  • They don’t require extra focus or attention to generate a summary

These are some of the most useful features of using a summary generator. Being a student or a writer, you should pick the best tool and use it for getting your work done quickly.

3 Best Summary Generator Tool for Writers and Students

Are you struggling with the selection of the right summary generator? To start with, you can pick any of the three tools we’ve listed below.

Let us show you a brief overview of all those summary generator tool to let you understand how these are better.


When it comes to choosing the best summarizer for students, this one by Paraphraser.io is a good choice to go for. This tool has been designed with an AI-based algorithm that makes it worth using for writers and students.

With its advanced algorithm, this tool will first understand your text and extract the main theme. As a result, it will generate a summary of the meaningful sentences of your given text.

Another best feature of this tool is the multiple importing methods. It means you can insert the text by pasting or uploading a file from your device. This tool has no word limit which means you can generate a summary of long documents easily.

This tool will not ask you for any subscription to generate a summary. Along with this, the tool will display the summary of your text just beside the original text. In this way, it will be easy for a student or writer to get a quick preview of the new summed-up text.

Last but not least, this tool enables you to generate a summary of the document written in another language than English. In simple words, you can generate a summary of your text if it is written in any other language that is available in its language list.

To choose your required language, you only have to click on the language box and choose the one from the dropdown list. Due to all these features, we have ranked this tool at the top of our list of summarizing tools.

How to Use This Summary Generator?

You only have to follow these simple steps to use this tool and generate a summary within a few seconds.

  • Insert your text or upload the file by clicking on the button


  • Click on the “Summarize Now” button


  • Wait for a few seconds
  • The tool will generate a summary and display it in the opposite box


  • You can download or copy the text by clicking on the given buttons at the bottom of the box

Article Summarizer

Another summary generator in our list with extraordinary features is offered by Summarizer.org. It is one of the finest tools with multiple advanced options.

First of all, this tool will enable you to set the length of your summary. It means that you can instruct this tool whether you need a long summary or a short one. In this way, the tool works accordingly to offer you the best results.

Secondly, it will enable you to utilize different advanced buttons that can help you in changing the preview of the summary. For instance, you can get a look at the summary in plain text form or bullet form.

Article Summarizer

You can also choose the “Best Line” mode by having a look at the best line of the summary. Due to these advanced features, we have ranked this tool in the second position on our list of summarizers.

Like the tool mentioned above, it also has no word count limit which makes it a reliable choice for students or writers. But the tool has a limited number of languages as compared to the tool above. This is the only reason why we have it in the second position instead of the first one.

How to Use This Summary Generator?

To use this tool, you should not need to be a technical person. Just follow these steps to generate a summary with this tool.

  • Paste the text that you want to have summarized
  • Choose the length of your expected summary

Article Summarizer

  • Click on the “Summarize Now” button
  • Utilize different buttons given just above the summarized text box to change the preview

Article Summarizer

  • You can also download or copy the summary for later use by clicking on the given buttons in the bottom section of the box

Summarizing tool

Do you want to get a summary of multiple documents and feeling hard to rename them? Don’t worry when you have this tool available for generating a summary. This summarizer will enable you to set the name of your summary before using it.

In simple words, you can set the title of your document before using this tool. That way, you won’t get confused as to which file is which.

Additionally, this tool has a feature to show you the summary ratio along with word count. It means that you will be shown the word count of the original text as well as the summarized text. In this way, you can easily check how much it has compressed your given text to generate a summary.

No doubt, this tool has extra features than both of the above-mentioned. But it also has some drawbacks due to which we have ranked it in the third position.

First of all, it has a smaller interface that makes it hard for the user to preview the summarized text. You will find it difficult to have a look at that section and understand what the tool has written from your text.

Secondly, this tool has neither advanced buttons nor standard buttons. So, you will not be able to customize the summary as per your requirements. You have to make an effort to read the summary from the small box as it does not enable you to download the document.

How to Use This Summary Generator?

It is pretty simple to use this tool by following the upcoming steps.

  • Insert your text in the given box
  • Set title of the summary

Summarizing tool

  • Click on the “Summarize” button
  • It will take a few minutes
  • Scroll down to check another box with summarized text

Summarizing tool

Final Verdict

With the above discussion, you must have gotten an idea about the importance of a summary generator for students or writers. We have also enlisted the best tools to use in this regard and get your text summarized within a few seconds.

The process will not take long as you don’t need to log in or go through any lengthy process. You only have to use any of these tools with the above-mentioned steps carefully.

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