Top 10 Companies in India hiring a data scientist
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Data science is a big term that includes topics or areas such as Big Data, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. As time changes, businesses have started looking for data as a usable thing that can be converted into great insights for business expansion. As a data scientist, a candidate needs to work closely with the business processes to identify the issues and make the best use of data for effective decision making. In short, a data scientist needs to find solutions via merging, extracting, and interrogating the data.

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Seeing such great responsibilities associated with this profile, several big organizations are looking for qualified data science experts. According to research, there is a great surge in the demand for qualified data scientists. These are some of the best companies using data science and looking for professionals to help them out with this. Check out the list of the top companies hiring a data scientist.

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Top 10 Companies in India


1. Ugam Company


Ugam is a Merkle Company, which is widely known as the leading next-generation data and Analytics Company. It is considered as one of the best companies for data scientists to work for as it allows the data scientist to work directly with the business stakeholders on end-to-end projects. Ugam is known for its people-centric culture, mobility, and upskilling features that make it the best place to work for data scientists.


2. MuSigma


MuSigma, whose headquarters are in Chicago, works through its central hub in Bangalore. Being the biggest solution provider in decision making and analytics, this company is widely popular for its open culture. Here, the role played by the data scientist in MuSigma includes data analysis, refining and arranging the data, followed by accessing the outcomes.


3. Manthan


Manthan is a company known for its extraordinary methodology. Here, the power of Artificial Intelligence and analytics are combined to process data-driven insights. Here, the data scientist serves different business domains, such as retail, pharma, etc. Here, data scientists are said to perform the role of testing various data-driven products using techniques of AI and ML.

4. Absolutdata


Absolutdata is a company serving the industry with cutting-edge AI-powered solutions. It focuses on impressive learning and growth curves, which are lucrative from a data scientist’s point of view. Here, data scientists can expect a surge in their profile while working on sharpening the fundamentals.

5. Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics

This company has developed as one of the top analytics service providers in the nation with employees in Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Mumbai. Here, a data scientist needs to work on projects associated with business analytics, decision-making and healthcare. If a candidate wishes to work on forecasting projects, then this company has a lot to offer.

6. BRIDGEi2i Analytics

BRIDGEi2i Analytics

This company is known to have the largest number of data scientists working now. Here, the company believes in making each data scientist grow with every problem and project. Established in India, this company followed an asset-based consulting approach that pays special attention to employees’ efforts and credibility redirected to the company’s growth.


7. Latent View

Latent View

Latent View is a company that asks its data scientists to follow a 360-perspective to serve its customers. This company furnished its customers on the grounds of counseling, data design and architecture, and data implementation and operations. In short, this company offers its employees a journey with a mix of learning and working.


8. Accenture


If you are willing to create great utilization of data and have the capability to deliver characteristic procedures with the help of data, then Accenture is the right company for you. Here, data scientists are guided to process the strategies that can deliver solutions using data.


9. Genpact


Genpact is known to be a centralized hub model that has more than 1500 data scientists working with it. Here, data scientists are expected to become experts in cutting-edge technological advancements. Also, proficient people are guided through a data literacy framework to work better.



10. Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics

This company is known for clearing those hardest issues with AI and analytics, which no other company can even touch. Here, the company employees data scientists who can work on intellectually challenging assignments to keep pace with the growing work demand.



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Over the years, the demand for data scientists has increased exponentially. If you are considering this profession, you can target any of the above companies and expect a great future.

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