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Now you can get the achievement of your goals and scale your business faster with high-quality digital marketing tools.  Online marketing tools are sometimes hard to start. But, these new tools for digital marketing platforms require only the investment of time and money that will provide you with thousands of benefits. These updated online marketing tools for small businesses fulfill different business objectives.

In this article, we will give you details about the 10 handpicked digital marketing tools that will give a boost to your business. 

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For your convenience, we have split the online marketing tools list under 5 heads. They are:

  • Data and Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Project Management

Which Tools are Referred to as Digital Marketing Tools?

The tools that allow marketers to create, test, and measure the performance of campaigns on social media platforms are referred to as digital marketing tools. These tools ensure that marketers launch and test every campaign effectively and quickly.

Prospect of Owning Digital Marketing Tools

These tools will give a global reach to the new market. They will also allow marketers to trade globally for only small Investments. Using these tools require low-cost investment. They are properly planned and will target the digital marketing platforms cum campaigns. In this way, they will fetch more visitors to websites and advertisements on social media sites. The advertising tools in marketing guide marketers to a great extent. Thus, the businesses get the right customers at a lower cost when compared to traditional marketing methods.

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Top Digital Marketing Tools-Top 10

Let’s start with the 1st category. 

Data and Analytics

1. Oribi

Oribi tool allows a faster and smarter data-driven decision. It has a simple user interface with result-focused features. In this way, marketers get reports and analysis. The tool gets 100% access to website events and conversions. There is no requirement of any manual code changing. It is useful for marketers who wish to focus on better marketing results. The plans are available at only $ 79 per month or $ 799 per year.

2. KissMetrics

It is the behaviour Analytics tool that will give marketers access to information about customers and their interaction with the website. The engagement of the users improves the conversion rate of the page. The tool also allows the creation of the A / B test for seeing changes to the website. Overall, the tool helps create customer engagement and improve overall marketing result. The pricing plans range between Dollar to $220-$ 1400 or higher.

Now let’s proceed to the second category.

Social Media Marketing

3. Buffer

The tool comes with a clean interface and loaded analytics features. It is one of the most favourite social media scheduling tools for marketers. It allows the sharing of content across multiple networks and accounts. The Chrome extension makes it work for sharing on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. The epic social media guide and case studies on the blogs of the tool will let the marketers devise better plans for starting with social media marketing.

4. Social Clout

The tool will give analysis about the posts that will get more engagement. This, marketers develop an idea about sharing which content will fetch them better likes, shares, and visitors. The metrics of this tool are specially designed for measuring the track engagement and calculation of social media ROI. It will also give the demographics to the marketers about the betted engagement and platforms that are steady in terms of their conversion standards.

It’s time to present the tools for the next section. 


5. Ahrefs

The tool allows keyword Research and website audit. The advanced SEO tool will examine the website for production of Keyword link and ranking profile. In this way, it gives you a better decision regarding the content. It has a Site Explorer for measuring the performance of web pages. Explorer for keywords generates monthly search volume and click-through rates of the specific keywords. The tool will give you valuable SEO opportunity while optimizing the particular blog post or webpage. The plan is available at $ 99 per month.

6. Woorank

The tool allows website audits. It is that in-depth analysis tool that will help marketers develop ideas about Optimization and improvement. The analysis tool considers the performance of the initiative that is already existing. It also considers usability, social media, and other aspects. The reports include marketing checklist, usability, SEO, Technologies, visitors and so on. For the 14-day trial, you will get plans for free. Then you can try a Pro plan at $ 49 per month and a premium plan at $ 149 per month. 

Some exclusive tools will help in content marketing too. Have a look below:


7. Yoast

Yoast is the favourite tool for writing SEO focus content. It is the all in one place for the SEO helping to go ahead with the optimization of the content. It also helps with the keyword Optimization, free viewing and editing of the meta descriptions. The tool allows proper conduct of Technical SEO task. It also suggests relevant internal tasks. The great plugin + tool becomes a great place for content marketers.

8. BuzzSumo

The great multipurpose content marketing research tool has exclusive features for serving content marketers. It will help analyses the content that will perform best for the topics with reference to the website or beating out the competitive websites. There are metrics like backlinks and social shares. It will also let the marketers know about what influencers are sharing as a piece of content. The influencer reports will give a vivid knowledge about the topic area.

Now let’s proceed to the last category.

Project Management

9. Wrike

Wrike, the real-time work management tool will offer the one-stop destination for streamlining workflow, getting visibility, enabling cooperation and simplifying the planning standards. It helps project managers track the progress of the project with the help of just a clear visual timeline. So, the platform allows easy sharing of tasks with clients outside companies as well. The marketing reports a standard one giving insight about the real-time interactive reports.

10. ProofHub

The project management control tool gives you control over the team and project Communications. It will also help to make more accountable reports. The tool will also ensure timely delivery of the project. With this tool, the project managers get hands-on assigning custom rules and sharing the responsibilities among members. It helps design chat, feedback, and discussion sessions. The marketing reports help gain clear insight into the project management plans.


The Top Digital Marketing Tools 2020 will give marketers interesting and useful outputs. It also allows for the development of new strategies. Overall, the simple interface and approval systems of these tools boost the level of clarity in the process of digital marketing.

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